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RansomHouse Ransomware Operation Disruption Colombia South America Healthcare Keralty

RansomHouse ransomware cripples Colombia’s healthcare system

The RansomHouse ransomware group compromised the Keralty multinational organisation in Colombia last week. Based on an investigation, the healthcare system has suffered disrupted websites and operations, including its subsidiaries. Keralty is a healthcare provider in Colombia that runs an international network of about 12 hospitals and 371 medical centres in numerous countries, such as the...
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Vanuatu Government Crippled Ransomware Cyberattack

Vanuatu government crippled by a ransomware attack

The Vanuatu government, a small island country located south of the Pacific Ocean, was compromised by a ransomware attack last week. According to government employees, the attack has spread their emails across their government addresses. In addition, the ransomware campaign has temporarily shut down the entire Vanuatu government for more than ten days. The attack...
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Hive Ransomware Hacker Gang Extortion Ransom Payments Malware FBI Cyberattacks

Hive ransomware gang extorted $100M from ransom payments

The FBI revealed last week that the Hive ransomware gang had extorted approximately $100 million from more than a thousand entities since June last year. The more concerning part is that the Hive group still has something that needs to be done, as the FBI warns organisations that the group will launch additional ransomware payloads....
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Failed ransomware attack resulted in a Belgian police data leak

The Ragnar Locker group executed a failed ransomware attack operation after they published stolen data from the local police unit of Zwijndrecht in Belgium instead of the municipality’s people. These leaked data from 2006 to September 2022 included thousands of crime report files, investigation reports, car plate numbers, fines, and staff details, among others. Security...
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Ransomware Payments Australia Ban Policy Enforcement

Ransomware payments in Australia are in plans to be banned

Australia’s government recently said they plan to ban ransomware victims from paying the ransom demands from threat actors to destabilise cybercrime incidents in the country. A part of this plan is to criminalise ransomware extortion payments and penalise companies that pay money to threat actors. The recent cyberattack incidents in Australia ignited the government’s idea...
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Ransomware Hacker Groups Unique Source Codes Cyberattacks

Ransomware groups used unique source codes in their attacks

New research showed that ransomware groups had increased the usage of their own or stolen computer code. These groups are believed to be moving away from a leasing model type of attack that is easier to detect by threat analysts. Most of the notorious hacking groups in the previous years have orchestrated their attacks by...
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AXLocker Ransomware Malware Discord Gaming Authentication Tokens Hijacking

New AXLocker ransomware steals Discord authentication tokens

The new AXLocker ransomware strain is stealing Discord accounts of infected users of their previous attacks. Reports revealed that the new ransomware strain had added the Discord-stealing capability to the previously encrypted victims of their past attacks. The threat actors exploited Discord’s authentication token feature on a user device. A user can use this token...
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New Delhi India South Asia AIIMS Healthcare Ransomware Cyberattack

India’s AIIMS medical institution reports ransomware attack

The hospital servers of New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have been attacked by an unknown ransomware group, as announced by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). The Indian medical institution’s daily activities, including blood sample reports and OPD registrations, have been paused as investigations progress. The announcement came after some of AIIMS’s...
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Conti Ransomware Gang Affiliates Dark Web

Conti ransomware gang allegedly exists within its affiliates

The threat ecosystem of Conti ransomware gang grows stronger each day, retaining its status as one of the most productive malware strains in the cybercriminal landscape worldwide. Based on a recent study, the Conti operators are slowly moving away from the United States and concentrating on NATO-affiliated countries, especially in Europe. Conti’s alleged shutdown is...
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ARCrypter Ransomware Cyber Threat Malware Dropper Cybersecurity

The ARCrypter ransomware evolves into a global threat

The previously unidentified ARCrypter ransomware operation that runs as a middle-class ransomware group is now attempting to expand into a global threat. The group started its malicious worldwide process last August after targeting several organisations from countries like China, Germany, France, Canada, and the United States. According to researchers, the ARCrypter operators utilised two AnonFiles...
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