Smishing Threats

SMiShing or SMSishing attacks is phishing content targeting the mobile User which is delivered via SMS (Short Message Service). SMS provides an alternate avenue for cybercriminals to target the mobile end user, delivering phishing content, mobile malware and online scams that may leverage the trusted brand. Organisations needs to monitor the SMS channel as the mobile device becomes the adopted platform for mobile payments, mobile banking and authentication.


iZOOlogic employs a range of techniques and methodologies toanalyse SMS honeypots and data sources detect mobile based phishing sites. iZOOlogic Anti-SMiShing provides pre-attack intelligence and response to prevent criminals from using clients keyword as the Sender’s field. The iZOOlabs platform provides forensic analysis, pro-active detection.

Smishing Protection

iZOOlogic solutions will protect the end user from mobile based phishing techniques and secure the mobile device from a range of targeted abuse and scams. As end users demand web based mobile services it essential for the business to secure the SMS/text based channel which can be used by the criminal as vector to target the mobile user and device.