New Mogilevich hacking group allegedly hacks Infiniti USA

February 21, 2024
Mogilevich Hacking group Infiniti USA Data breach Cybercrime

One of our iZOOlogic researchers has discovered an eerie posting from a new malicious entity called the Mogilevich hacking group.

Mogilevich, a group dedicated to data extortion, operates with a clear agenda to administer severe consequences to companies and corporations that neglect the security of their digital infrastructure.

The group claimed that their operators are proficient in penetration testing, contrasting similar groups who obscure their true intentions. However, this new malicious entity openly acknowledges its pursuit of economic gain. In addition, the group is against the deceit of those intending to revolutionise cyberspace and instead offer their affiliates a promise of professionalism, transparency, and privacy.


The Mogilevich hacking group announced that they successfully breached Infiniti USA’s systems.


According to our researchers, the new Mogilevich hacking group claimed in their postings that they had successfully infiltrated the Infiniti USA systems. The affected corporation is a motor vehicle manufacturing company that offers luxurious brands globally.

Moreover, the hackers disclosed in their posting that their attack had compromised various details. Our researchers stated that the attackers confirmed they had compromised data, such as vehicle identification numbers (VINs), first names, last names, addresses, zip codes, states, mobile numbers, mobile number providers, emails, and passwords.

These hackers revealed that the overall database that they have compromised reached about 22 gigabytes worth of data. As of now, the group’s identity is still shrouded in mystery. Their true nature and affiliate are still unverified since the hackers have not revealed if they are an independent threat group or a state-sponsored cybercriminal organisation.

In the wake of this latest breach, our researchers emphasised that companies should place proactive cybersecurity measures to keep hackers at bay. As businesses face the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks, investing in powerful security protocols and staying knowledgeable of the latest developments in cyber defence is necessary.

Our researchers will keep an eye on this emerging threat to uncover new details about their tactics so we can provide more information about the latest activities and tactics that this group will execute.

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