Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Risks

The organization is vulnerable to a diverse range of cyberattack; the brand, end users, executives, websites, mobile applications, social channels, and backend supply chain all present an attack surface. Many digital assets are now in the public domain, providing the criminal the opportunity a head start to scan, research, test and scheme their attacks. To appreciate the models and methodologies of digital risk protection, it is imperative to appreciate where and how the vulnerabilities lie in order to bolster the defense. iZOOlogic presents a suite of solutions to model, predict and assess digital vulnerabilities allowing client to understand their risks and exposure.

Vulnerability Discovery

Vulnerability Assessments are an essential component to the digital protection strategy. iZOOlogic suite of solutions to monitor the critical infrastructure surfaces of the business. Vulnerability assessment services identify risks prior to attack and predict threats vectors which enable the business to harden their digital channels.

Vulnerability monitoring covers a broad range of points and surface that a cybercriminal may leverage. Vulnerability checks are referenced against a range of source such as OWASP, vendor bulletins and updates, open sources, and behavioral assessments. Vulnerability monitoring underpins risk and compliance frameworks and sets a baseline for the iZOOlogic protection strategies.

Vulnerability Management

Managing and mitigating vulnerabilities is the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Services will provide the client update to date information and score relating to each vulnerability type to ensure client teams have the information and opportunity to make the necessary configuration changes.

iZOOlogic services will assist the business harden their physical and digital assets against a range of vulnerabilities from the application level, to supply chain, and other deployed mediums such social and mobile channels.

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iZOOlogic enables the business to pro-actively detect and respond to external threats.

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