Pharming Threats

Pharming attacks re-route web traffic to a rogue or malicious third party. Pharming based attacks are a common phishing method. Pharming has historically been an attack on DNS root infrastructure but has evolved to more localized attacks from local DNS servers or nameservers, to the client, and may involve blended social engineering techniques. Pharming consists of DNS poisoning, Man in the Middle (MITM), Man in the Mobile (MitMO), compromised client host files and registries and other techniques used for credential theft and fraud losses.

Anti Pharming

iZOOlogic provides an agentless service to provide a robust Anti-Pharming solution, and also leverage the Anti-Malware solutions to guard against malware that corrupts local registry files, such as PAC files. iZOOlogic monitors global and local DNS servers, client nameservers. iZOOlogic solutions will identify malicious DNS entries or rogue DNS servers within minutes and provide an effective mitigation via the Global Security Incident Response.

Pharming Protection

iZOOlogic Pharming Protection will provide organization a level of DNS Assurance ensuring that when the User tries to navigate to the client domain that they are only being routed to the legitimate server and not any other party. iZOOlogic solutions will also protect against malware targeting the local registry files that compromised normal web traffic routing.