Digital Asset Management

Digital Assets Risks

Digital transformation strategies have exponentially increased the disparate character of digital assets placing an increased risk and management burden on the business. Digital Asset Management softwares and solutions help protect these crucial parts of a business online.

These digital assets in the public domain are open to a range of exploitation and nefarious activities by attackers. Commonly referred to as the “attack surface”, these assets are beautiful in complexity and provide the interface with the audience, as such, require a high degree of security to enforce the warranted level of trust.

Digital Asset Management

The Digital Asset Management solution provides the business with a range of services to discover, track, catalog, monitor, and secure these assets. The suite of services work through a variety of levels, from network to the application, to provide holistic security management. The services afford a full and unique visualization of all digital assets, from the owned and controlled assets, to rogue, unauthorised, malicious, and shadow IT.   

Digital Asset Security

The Asset Management solution, in parallel with the surface brand monitoring and data loss recovery services, will present a holistic illustration of the organisation’s digital footprint. Asset monitoring will detect threats, identify vulnerabilities, alert on content change, identify redundant or misconfigured assets, report on asset reputation and provide a health check status. 

This robust suite of services will empower the business to control, manage, and secure their digital asset portfolio and harden the organization’s surface against attack.