Threat Advisory Services

Emerging Threats

The interface of the business network, from a technology and user perspective, is becoming less delineated and increasingly divergent. As the business surfaces become more obfuscated, vulnerabilities and opportunity for attack are increasingly problematic to manage. Having DFIR ‘Digital Forensics & Incident Response’ minimises much of this risk. The threat actor landscape is also becoming more complex and multi-faceted with the interplay of state actors and sponsors, organised cybercrime, activist groups, and groups that are highly motivated to launch both sophisticated and persistent attacks.

Digital Risk

Digital risk monitoring and protection strategies need to have a high degree of situational awareness. Situational awareness provides a more robust and comprehensive level of threat and vulnerability management. iZOOlogic has a great visibility into the cybercrime ecosystems via our network of sensor and infrastructure, as well as global clients and partners, to provide a unique perspective across many geolocations, industries and attack vectors.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness requires the collection and management of large volume of threat intelligence and vulnerability information a burden for any organisation to harness. iZOOlogic threat researchers are dedicated to this task of inspecting, curating incoming data and intelligence, correlating threats, malicious actors, sources, documenting surface vulnerabilities, and disseminating the information. Threat Advisory Services complements the direct Threat Intelligence to provide a running update of relevant threat advice, allowing clients the opportunity to mitigate vulnerabilities prior to attack and to keep up to date with emerging trends. Threat Advisories are provided in a range of logical parameters and methods.