Case Studies

CEO Telegram Account Hacking

Case Study: CEO Telegram Account Hacking – World’s Largest Airline

This case study details the hijacking of a CEO’s Telegram account causing significant reputational damage to the world’s largest Airline.

Anti-Phishing Solutions

Case Study: High Volume Phishing Response – Africa’s Largest Bank

This case study details the high volume of phishing targeting Africa’s largest bank and how iZOOlogic has worked with the bank to combat the high speed threats.

Case Study: Leaked Account Credentials – Global Payment Platform

This case study details a phishing incident targeting an Global Payment Platform that resulted in compromised data being available and distributed on an internet forum. 

Threat Intelligence image 6

Case Study: Mobile App Protection – Indian Government Bank

This Case Study details the Mobile App Monitoring services provided to a large Indian Government bank and the challenges and outcomes gained.