Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance provides the general terms used to describe the regulations and policies iZOOlogic employs in the course of conducting its business and operations around the world. These statements are published to act transparently with our clients, partners and vendors. The compliance policies aim to prevent and detect breaches of any laws, regulations, standards or codes with which our business must comply in accordance with UK, including the British Overseas Territories, and US law.

Disclosure of Information

iZOOlogic Limited is a private company and does not pass any information, including client data, to any third parties other than UK and US regulatory authorities. All client and partner information is protected via the strict confidentiality clauses in the Subscriber Agreement and Partner Agreements respectively.

Privacy Statement

iZOOlogic respects and is committed to protecting all client and third party information and data. iZOOlogic privacy policies reflect current global principles and international security standards on handling personal identifiable information and corporate data including data access and integrity, security, onward transfer and enforcement/oversight.

All iZOOlogic clients, partners, vendors, suppliers and employees are protected by strict Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality clauses, and non-client data is treated with equal gravitas.

iZOOlogic respects the privacy of individuals and organisations and is committed to protecting the data we hold. The iZOOlogic Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected, stored, disclosed, transferred and managed by IZOOlogic.  Refer to

Tax Information Compliance

iZOOlogic is fully committed to complying with the letter and spirit of all applicable tax laws. We do not assist clients, partners, employees, contractors or suppliers in any activities intended to breach tax obligations.

Financial Crime Compliance

iZOOlogic is fully committed to complying with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, including those pertaining to financial crimes. iZOOlogic employees must report any client, partner or supplier, transaction or behaviour that is suspect or known to breach the law, whereby the Directors will act accordingly.


iZOOlogic is committed to complying with the sanction laws and regulations set forth by the UK Government, as well as the applicable sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which iZOOlogic operates, namely US and Australia.

iZOOlogic prohibits all business activities and transactions, directly or indirectly, with individuals and or companies, that may violate applicable sanctions laws. Businesses, regimes, vessels and entities that are covered by sanctions are illustrated and updated on the UK Government publication as follows:

Code of Conduct

The published Code of Conduct ensures  that  all  employees,  contractors  and  service  providers are  aware of, and abide to,  the high  standards  of  behaviour,  rules  and  regulations set forth by iZOOlogic. iZOOlogic employees and stewardship maintain high standards  of  personal integrity  in  conducting  business. 

Employment Policies

iZOOlogic adheres to the principles and laws in the relevant countries for the engagement of employees and contractors in terms of equality and diversity, based on race, gender and sexuality. iZOOlogic provides a grievance pathway and resolution policy to ensure the working environment is safe, fair and respectful.