Data Loss Recovery

Data Loss and Leakage

Data Loss or Data Leakage can occur from a broad range of events, from compromised networks and endpoints, to unintentional information disclosure by corporate users or third parties. Compromised accounts, bank accounts, stolen credit card info also occurs from a large numbers of fraud types, ATM skimming, hacked third parties, malware and phishing attacks.

Data Loss Monitoring

iZOOlogic incorporates a range of multi-layered services and analysis techniques to correlate data across a range of resources including the dark web. iZOOlogic has developed a range of trusted relationships, referrals, private listings and unique techniques to follow and track dark sites and providers to aid in data loss identification and recovery efforts.

Data Loss Recovery

iZOOlogic Data Loss Recovery can identify and recover, Compromised Bank Account Information, Cloned Credit Card Details; Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Customer / Employee data; Private / Sensitive Documents relating to the business; Hacking documents and tools; Leaked Source Code; Copyright / Trademark infringement; Technical Information / Data that could be used to target corporate systems.