Vishing Threats

Vishing or ‘Voice Phishing’ attacks use voice combined with social engineering to provide the cybercriminal another avenue to commit fraud against the business. Cybercriminals can compromise a VoIP system, and combined with other methods, such a voicemail, SMS, email or IM, then use social engineering, leveraging a trusted brand to trick the victim into identity theft and disclosure of personal or financial information.


A rapid response to a Vishing campaign is an important tool for the business and iZOOlogic will bring swift response and mitigation. iZOOlogic works with third parties and agencies to discover and respond to the compromised voice systems and will provide shut down and incident resolution. Analysis post incident will assist mitigation against future attacks. The iZOOlabs team will work with third party VOIP, SMS, Telco providers for threat analysis and forensic recoveries.

Vishing Protection

iZOOlogic Vishing protection allows the business to quickly respond to attacks and mitigate against the same attack cycle from reaching more end users. Anti-Vishing will provide another tool for the business to immediately respond to Voice Phishing and bolsters the Brand Protection and Anti-Phishing strategy.