Phishing Solutions

Phishing Threats

Phishing is a leading source of brand abuse and online fraud. Phishing continues to be the mainstay of the cybercrime ecosystem with techniques becoming more sophisticated, volumes increasing and more brands targeted. Phishing may employ a variety of methods to attack multiple eChannels in a blended threat against the organisation. Phishing prevention is a major challenge for any business transacting via electronic channels.

Anti-Phishing Solutions

iZOOlogic employs a variety of proprietary techniques and methodologies to provide robust suite of phishing solutions. iZOOlogic will provide real time monitoring of eChannels, deploy a range electronic counter measures, provide pre-attack intelligence and pro-active detection. iZOOlabs will provide a platform to details incident and forensic analysis to mitigate current attacks. iZOOlogic provides a swift response to those phishing sites that are targeting our clients.

Phishing Protection

iZOOlogic solutions will readily detect and respond to phishing attacks, and successfully resolve attacks to provide real time mitigation prior to fraud events. iZOOlogic has a unique matrix of phishing solutions to identify account compromised by phishing before real time phishing occurs. iZOOlogic analysts will be able to recover stolen assets, compromised account to allow client to mitigate accounts. iZOOlogic will allow the business to quickly recover from attack, reduce fraud losses and provide threat intelligence against future attacks.