Threat Intelligence Data

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence data allows the business to evaluate risks to make security decisions across the organisation. Threat intelligence enables the analysis of large amounts of disparate data sets to enables the organisation to provide a richer context for threat detection. Threat intelligence allows for the orchestration of events to bolster the security posture and risk management policies. iZOOlogic has a unique perspective into targeted and emerging threat ecosystems. iZOOlogic maintains an infrastructure of global sensors, data sources, commercial threat feeds, open source data, plus data received from global client and partners to provide a rich set of actionable intelligence.

Threat Intelligence Platform

The iZOOlogic Platform is essentially data mining the internet and dark web for client specific cyber threats. The platform monitors millions of data points such as messaging spam, compromised websites, servers and IPs, IoCs, malicious files and malware, Domain and DNS data, threats across the social and mobile networks, and more, to form a deep set of contextual data. Enriched data will provide intelligence of phishing campaigns, malware, Botnets, Spamming Sources, Domain spoofing, and help detect against other cybercrimes such as Business Email Compromise attacks, spear phishing, phishing spam, network malware – and will act as a proactive and first line of defense.

Threat Data Deployment and Integration

The threat data feeds can be used by client the SOC, Threat Researchers and Incident Response teams. The data sets are easily integrated into existing SEIM Tools, Firewall, IPS products and endpoints. Such intelligence will provide a greater level of network and user based security. The threat intelligence data feed can be delivered in near real time, updated on minute cycles, via API and custom web services.