Email Security Protocols – DMARC

Email remains the main vector for brand abuse, phishing content distribution and delivery of malware/crimeware. DMARC, and related protocols like SPF and DKM, are security frameworks that can be deployed to provide a further level of protection against email-based phishing and domain spoofing. iZOOlogic provides a robust and scalable DMARC solution ensuring email frameworks are fully utilized to protect the organization.

DMARC Managed Security

iZOOlogic provides a DMARC SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates into the threat detection and management services to provide a fully outsourced Managed Security solution to enhance the Digital Threat and Anti-Phishing solutions.

iZOOlogic provides a full end to end solution, from domain audit, implementation and configuration of DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, through to threat management and resolution. The consultative process balances the security policies with email deliverability to achieve the appropriate level of enforcement and protection.

DMARC Managed Security is a suite of analyser detection services with forensic monitoring enabling the detection of suspect domains. Data analysis is mapped against propriety threat databases and sources to optimise detection, reporting and threat mitigation. The aggregate and forensic data analysis seamlessly integrates into the 24×7 SOC and dedicates DMARC team providing a near real time response via the Threat Management Platform.

Threat management reports are correlated against other threat data points and iZOOlogic services enabling a unique and integrated threat perspective. The solution is enriched via a network of leveraged partnerships with webmail providers, ISPs and a network of security partners to enable a greater response capability and enhanced level of security.

iZOOlogic DMARC MSS is an integral part of the Messaging Suite which dovetails in the brand protection and reputation solution portfolio.

  • Increase email security and deliverability
  • Visibility and management into fraudulent and abuse infrastructure targeting the business.
  • Leverage the existing iZOOlogic Global threat response services and relationships.
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