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BreachForums Marketplace Operator Pompompurin Unmasked Seized Conor Brian Fitzpatrick Dark Web

BreachForums operator, Pompompurin, gets unmasked and seized

A malicious operator connected to the running of a popular hacking forum, ‘BreachForums,’ was arrested last March 15, accomplished by US law enforcement. Identified his real name as Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, the BreachForums website owner who has hidden under the codename ‘Pompompurin,’ admitted to all the charges against him. Reports revealed that the accused was...
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Brave Search AI Summariser Search Engine Private Browsing Privacy

Brave Search unveils a new AI-powered summariser tool

An alternative web browser, Brave Search, developed a new AI-powered tool called “Summarizer.” This new kit provides a summarised answer to an entered question before the rest of the search results appear. Brave Search is a growing internet search engine that allows users to search the web anonymously and untracked. The increasing popularity of artificial...
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Foreign Messaging Apps Banned Russia Government Orgs

Foreign messaging apps banned on Russian government orgs

The Russian government initiated the banning of several foreign messaging apps from their government-owned organisations and state agencies earlier this week. The mandate is under a new Russian law, “On information, information technology, and information protection,” of Article 10, parts 8-10. This newly passed law prohibits Russian government agencies from using and installing information exchange...
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TikTok Banned US Canada Government Owned Devices ByteDance LTD Data Privacy

TikTok banned from all US government-owned devices

The US government mandates that agencies uninstall TikTok from all government-owned devices within 30 days. This order results from security concerns caused by the Chinese-owned social media application since it has been under massive scrutiny during hearings in Washington. The Office of Management and Budget labelled the order as a critical method to address the...
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Meta Bug Bounty 2FA Exploit Vulnerability Critical Flaw Social Media Facebook Instagram

A Meta bounty was provided to an individual that found a 2FA flaw

A researcher has revealed the details of a two-factor authentication flaw that allowed him to receive a $27,000 bug bounty from the big-time tech company Meta. The Nepalese researchers discovered the flaw in September last year after a system created by Meta for confirming phone numbers and email addresses do not have a rate-limiting protection...
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FBI DOJ European Authorities Hive Ransomware Cybercrime Seizure Policy Enforcement

Authorities dismantled the Hive ransomware infrastructure

One of the most active cybercriminal actors, Hive ransomware, has lost its infrastructure after combined forces of law enforcement agencies from the US and Europe seized it. Hive’s dark web portal was shut down by a joint law enforcement operation executed by the US Department of Justice, the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation,...
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VirusTotal Cheat Sheet Tool Researchers Cybersecurity

The VirusTotal cheat sheet is a new tool for researchers

Researchers could easily look for detailed results from the malware intelligence platform on VirusTotal after the site published a cheat sheet. File search modifiers could aid with refining the output, but the newly developed cheat sheet reveals how researchers in real-world scenarios could combine the results to locate data. A Google security engineer provided examples...
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Russia Ukraine US Cyberattacks Energy Sector NSA NATO Cybersecurity Cyberthreat

Russia’s cyberattacks could impact the world’s energy sector

Security experts are concerned about the incessant cyberattacks from Russia as their war with Ukraine has yet to cease, which they fear could affect the energy sector globally. The National Security Agency’s (NSA) cyber director was particularly concerned about this matter, saying that the sector must not be complacent about potential threats posed by the...
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Australia Law Penalty Security Breach Data Leak Policy Enforcement OAIC

Australian firms will face a fine if got struck by a security breach

All Australian firms will now face a fine that could reach a whopping AU$ 50 million if a large-scale data breach hits them. The Australian parliament approved this law. The previous fine for the breached company has only reached a little over AU $2 million, which the parliament deemed useless as companies did not improve...
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