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Vishing Phishing Cyberattack Hacked Twilio Data Breach Social Engineering 0ktapus Threat Group

A vishing attack allegedly caused another hack on Twilio

The Californian-based cloud communication firm, Twilio, revealed that a new data breach that occurred last June was the same hackers behind a vishing attack a couple of months ago that affected their systems. The newly discovered attack against the company was only a brief security incident based on the investigation. The intrusion was caused by...
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Fake Voicemails Vishing MS Office365 Credentials Harvesting

Fake voicemails used for MS Office 365 credentials harvesting

A newly discovered phishing campaign has been compromising US entities such as the military, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical and security software sectors to harvest Microsoft Office 365 credentials. The cybercriminal operation is currently active, and its operators use fake voicemail notifications to bait targets into accessing a malicious HTML attachment. Based on reports, the recently discovered...
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Customer Support Fraud Scam Fakecalls Trojan Malware Android

Customer Support fraud became possible with the new Fakecalls trojan

A new banking trojan dubbed Fakecalls is currently compromising Android device users to hijack their phone transactions with a bank’s customer support number. The operators of this new campaign intercept incoming and outgoing calls to redirect customers to the fake lines designed by the cybercriminals. The malware portrays itself as a mobile application from popular...
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Hackers WhatsApp Voice Message Infostealers Malware

Hackers exploit WhatsApp’s voice message feature to deploy info-stealers

The voice message feature of WhatsApp has been exploited in a new phishing campaign, aiming to spread information-stealing malware to over 27,600 customer email addresses. The campaign victims would be instructed to follow a sequence of steps that would lead to installing an info-stealer malware into their devices, which the hackers will abuse to steal...
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Fake Amazon Orders Phishing Campaign Fraud Scams Vishing Spoofing

Fake Amazon orders trick victims into falling prey to a Phishing Campaign

Threat actors have recently been discovered to perform a multistage phishing campaign that imitates the order notification page of Amazon, involving a fake customer voice number used by attackers to request the credit card details of the target to supposedly correct a wrong order.  Security researchers have noted that phishing attacks have become more sophisticated as they combine email and voice to lure victims. Furthermore, they have also been leveraging big brands like Amazon to...
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Evidence suspicious emails phishing attack threats vishing SMiShing

Evidence proves that one out of three flagged suspicious emails were actual phishing attack threats

Recent reports reveal that about a third of emails that employees have been reporting to be malicious are indeed threats of phishing attacks. From the analysis of IT security companies, it was found that at least 33% of more than 200,000 flagged emails by employees from different firms worldwide for the first half of 2021...
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cybercrime work from home remote work fraud prevention vulnerability exploit

Remote work leveraged for cybercrime by adversaries in targeted attacks

Cybercrime (CC) has never been projected as high as last fiscal year compared to the previous years. Historical data confirms the enormous leap of numbers on reported cases in various types of attack known by the cybersecurity experts. Incidents of repurposed tactics, newer and more lethal approach of adversaries were recorded complimenting the uprising cases...
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FBI warning vishing attacks SIM swap

Warning of vishing attacks to stealing corporate accounts from FBI

With the increase in the statistics, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced by publishing a notice on focusing on Vishing Attack (Voice Phishing) modus operation.  Due to the pandemic situation, many companies drastically moved their operations to the comfort of their employee’s homes. Many companies...
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amazon phishing vishing attacks

Amazon credential Phishing and Vishing attacks are on the move

Amazon is an eCommerce company that currently has ‎US$14.541 billion in operating income in 2019. This eCommerce giant has been one of the go-to shopping platforms of people now more than ever because of lockdown implementation caused by COVID-19. As many are ordering their stuff online as it’s safer than leaving the house excessively, Amazon...
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uk energy firm vishing voice phishing ai

Cybercriminals use voice phishing to scam $243000 out of a UK Energy Firm

Phishing has already been popular for its vast attacks from individuals to big companies around the world thus many cyber-security firms have already investigated and found cyber-crime solutions to combat these attacks. But what’s shocking in today’s news is that cyber-criminals developed a sophisticated form of phishing called voice phishing or vishing, to steal money...
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