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Telegram Bot Hackers Data Stealer WooCommerce Website Protection Credit Card Skimmer CMS

Telegram bot used by hackers to steal data from WooCommerce sites

Hackers deploying Telegram bot to steal troves of data from WooCommerce websites have been found. These malicious adversaries used credit card skimmers, leading to several cases of credit card theft reported on an eCommerce site. The first scenario is that a website owner received numerous complaints from customers who reported faulty transactions on their cards...
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Pro-Russia Threat Groups Italy DDoS Cyberattacks Slow HTTP Hacktivist

Pro-Russia threat groups aimed at Italy to launch DDoS attacks

National entities have been alerted about the possibility of high-risk distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, based on a recent advisory from the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) in Italy. DDoS attacks usually cause severe damage, service outage, and operational disruptions to businesses and organisations. The Italian agency continually detected signs and threats of cyberattacks against...
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Third-Party JavaScript Websites Cyberattack Risks Organisations

Third-party JavaScripts on sites pose attack risks to organisations

A high chance of websites being exposed to third-party JavaScripts has recently been identified by researchers, with a further concern of threat actors having an easy way to exploit them to inject malicious codes into the sites. In a normal occurrence, webpages load a third-party script into a browser coming from an external server that...
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Russia Largest Bank Sberbank Cyberattacks Ukraine DDoS

Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, suffers from record-breaking cyberattacks

Sberbank, one of Russia’s largest financial institutions, had been hit by waves of cyberattacks, including a massive strike of DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack, recorded as the largest one in its history. From the statement of the bank’s director, he mentioned that hackers had been attacking Sberbank in the past months. Being the largest financial...
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Third Party Trackers Logging User Data Website Forms

Third-party trackers discovered logging user data from site forms

About 100,000 top-ranking websites have recently been examined by security experts, revealing that some of them leak users’ data entered on website forms to third-party trackers even before users hit the submit button. Moreover, even if users have not submitted their data on the forms and deleted everything they typed in, the websites still share...
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Research Analysts RDDoS Cyberattacks 2022

Analysts have seen a record-breaking drop in RDDoS attacks for 2022

The rate of ransom distributed denial-of-service or RDDoS attacks was observed to have dropped in the first quarter of 2022 based on the latest statistics provided by security analysts. The RDDoS operators hit a targeted firm with massive data to cause their servers a service outage. Upon disrupting the firm’s service, the threat actors will...
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Russian Military Defense Rostec Cyberattacks Ukraine IT Army DDoS

Russian defense firm Rostec reports attacks from Ukraine’s IT Army

A state-owned aerospace and defense firm from Russia called Rostec has reported a cyberattack incident that took down its website. According to Rostec, their website has already been receiving signs of cyberattack since last February upon the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The state defense firm also added that they attribute the attack threats to Ukrainian...
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Experts Cyberattack Surge Ukrainian WordPress CMS Website Protection

Experts observed cyberattack surge against Ukrainian WordPress sites

Experts have seen a massive surge of cyberattacks that targeted Ukrainian WordPress sites and attributed it to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Over a hundred thousand attacks were recorded within February 2022, with more than 200,000 cyberattacks between February 25th and 27th. Moreover, another researcher explained that most of the attacks were exclusively on a subset...
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Ukraine IT Army Defense Cyber Threats Russia

Ukraine forms an IT army to defend from cyber threats posed by Russia

Ukraine has reportedly been building an IT army intending to defend its cyber territory against hackers and threat groups from Russia. The ongoing war has also been tied with cyber-warfare, including wiper malware and DDoS attack campaigns against Ukrainian infrastructure. These unfortunate events led the government of Ukraine to form an army of cyber experts...
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Government Websites Ukraine Taken Down DDoS Cyberattacks

The government websites of Ukraine got taken down by DDoS attacks

Researchers noticed a widespread distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against Ukraine and its government websites. Nonetheless, these DDoS attacks are reportedly unrelated to the recent Gamaredon group attacks against the country. The DDoS attacks conducted by the threat actors had targeted the websites of important sectors of the Ukrainian government, including military websites, public radio, news...
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