Website Protection

Website Protection
ClearFake Malware Spreads Fake Update

ClearFake malware spreads via fake browser updates

January 29, 2024

The newly discovered ClearFake malware operators have leveraged fake browser…

Hackers Compromised Credentials FTP Website Hijacking

Hackers abused compromised FTP credentials to hijack websites

March 15, 2023

A new widespread redirection campaign targets thousands of users from…

SCARLETEEL Cyberattack Operation Sophisticated Tactics Steal Data

SCARLETEEL operation uses sophisticated tactics to steal data

March 14, 2023

A newly discovered hacking campaign called SCARLETEEL operation eyes public-facing…

Hackers Vulnerability Exploit WordPress CMS Houzez Theme Website Hijacking

Hackers exploited the WordPress Houzez theme to hijack websites

March 9, 2023

The WordPress Houzez theme has two vulnerabilities that allow hackers…

Cyberattack Incident System Disruption Burton Snowboards

A cyber incident disrupted the Burton Snowboards firm’s operations

March 3, 2023

One of the most extensive snowboard manufacturing companies, Burton Snowboards,…

WhiskerSpy Malware Spread Watering Hole Attack Tactic

WhiskerSpy malware gets spread via a watering hole attack tactic

March 2, 2023

A new cybercriminal campaign has been observed in the wild,…

Ad Fraud Campaign Cybercrime WordPress Websites URL Shorteners Malicious Domains

A new ad fraud campaign impacted thousands of WordPress sites

February 28, 2023

Over 10,800 WordPress sites have been infected by a malware…

WordPress Plugin Theme Vulnerability Exploit Security Flaw Linux Malware

WordPress plugins exploited by a new Linux malware

January 13, 2023

A previously undiscovered Linux malware has been abusing about 30…

Threat Actors Brand Abuse Flaw Vulnerability CMS WordPress Gift Card Plugin Woocommerce

Threat actors abused a flaw in the WordPress gift card plugin

January 10, 2023

Malicious threat groups currently target a critical WordPress gift card…

Shoe Manufacturing Ecco Exposed Data Digital Risk Security Compliance Website Protection

Shoe manufacturer, Ecco, exposed data for nearly two years

January 9, 2023

Researchers discovered troves of exposed data from a well-known shoe…