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CPS Chicago Public Schools Third-Party Risk Vendor Supplier Data Breach Cyberattack Incident Battle for Kids US

The CPS blame a third-party supplier for a data breach incident

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have published an advisory regarding a data breach of nearly half a million students from the educational institution, blaming the misactions of a third-party supplier which resulted in a ransomware attack. The ransomware campaign has impacted the Ohio-based non-profit organisation called Battle for Kids. This single school system experienced a data...
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Dark Web Billions Compromised Data User Credentials Fraud Prevention Marketplace

The dark web is seen loaded with billions of breached user credentials

New studies show that the dark web is still filled with compromised victims’ data, reaching over 24 billion worth of usernames and passwords. These findings demonstrate a 65% uptick within two years, mostly due to users creating account passwords that hackers could easily crack. For instance, one in every 200 compromised passwords comprises the number...
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ALPHV Ransomware Hacking Group Search Website Stolen Data Breach

ALPHV ransomware group developed a search website for stolen data

The ALPHV ransomware group (also known as BlackCat) has devised a new method of threatening its targets. The group cleverly designed websites that let its victims’ employees and customers review if hackers stole their data during an attack. Most of the time, some threat groups will use the stolen data for double-extortion tactics, in which...
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Vice Society Hacker Group Palermo Sicily Italy Data Breach Compromised Data

Vice Society hacker group claimed the attack against the city of Palermo

The Vice Society ransomware group has allegedly attacked Italy’s Palermo city, which caused a massive service outage across the entire district. The cyberespionage attack happened last week, and all internet-dependent services were unavailable, affecting approximately 1.3 million individuals, including tourists that visited the city. The law enforcement and concerned authorities assessed the situation’s criticality after...
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Authorities Dismantled SSNDOB Marketplace Malicious Operations Dark Web

Authorities dismantled the SSNDOB marketplace malicious operations

For this year, several dark web domains that trade data from cybercriminal activities have been seized and shut down by the US law enforcement agencies. Last June 7, a new announcement of malicious site seizure was published, which involved the SSNDOB marketplace – a dark web marketplace selling over 24 million stolen social security numbers....
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US College Networks Academia Stolen Credentials Cybercriminals

US college networks offered stolen credentials by cybercriminals

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published an advisory about cybercriminals that offer access credentials for higher academic institutions based in the US. The actors sell these credentials for thousands of dollars and are all available on hacking forums and dark web marketplaces. The critical data offered by the actors contained virtual private networks (VPNs)...
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Industrial Spy Data Extortion Marketplace Ransomware Stolen Data Compromised Data

Industrial Spy: A data extortion marketplace turned ransomware

The recently introduced data extortion marketplace called Industrial Spy has turned its illegal store into a full-blown ransomware operation. Researchers discovered last month that Industrial Spy was offering stolen data and sharing information with its members for free. However, the latest data extortion campaign of the group revealed that it commenced its ransomware operation. Moreover,...
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Versus Market Operation Leaked Security Flaw Dark Web Black Market

Versus Market suspends operation due to a leaked security flaw

Recent reports revealed that a well-known dark web marketplace, Versus Market, had shut down its operations after a hacker and its operators found a critical flaw. The discovered critical flaw could have exposed the marketplace’s server IP addresses and allowed unauthorised access to their internal database. Cybercriminals and darknet vendors are keen on protecting their...
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RansomHouse Threat Group Data Leak Breach Stolen Data Darknet

RansomHouse group establishes new data leak site for breach victims

A new darknet leak site has recently emerged on the cybercrime scene run by the group dubbed RansomHouse. The site’s operators use it to leak massive stolen data from data breach victims who failed to pay monetary requests to threat actors. Moreover, the new campaign is said not to operate through ransomware but through breach...
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District Schools Ohio US Cyberattack Cl0p Gang

District schools in Ohio impacted by a cyberattack caused by Cl0p gang

The Fort Summer Municipal Schools in New Mexico in Ohio are currently experiencing cyberattacks from threat actors. Based on reports, the leak site of the notorious Cl0p ransomware group showed critical information about the school’s faculty members, students, and guardians. The leak displayed countless identifications, especially driver’s licenses. According to the school’s spokesperson, they are...
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