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Mental Health Mobile Apps User Sensitive Data InfoSec Privacy

Mental health apps identified capitalising on users’ sensitive data

Findings published by Mozilla exposed a worrying concern about the lack of security and user privacy for mental health apps found on mobile application stores. These apps are valuable for people undergoing personal distress like anxiety, PTSD, domestic violence, etc. Some religion-themed apps are also discovered in a similar case. The study made by Mozilla...
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Onleihe Online Library Mobile App Cyberattack Germany Third Party Vendor Digital Risk

Onleihe, an online library application, severely affected by a cyberattack

After a cyberattack targeted their vendor, the library lending app Onleihe announced problems in multiple media formats endorsed on the platform, like audio, video, and e-book files. Onleihe is an application that enables visitors and users to connect to local libraries and borrow e-magazines and audiobooks. The application is utilised by various universities in Europe...
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LILIN DVR Devices CCTV BotenaGo Malware Strain

LILIN DVR devices targeted by a new BotenaGo malware strain

BotenaGo’s new malware strain has been discovered by researchers targeting the LILIN security camera DVR devices. The researchers called the newly discovered malware variant “LILIN Scanner” since it is used by the threat actors in the source code during the latest attacks. Based on reports, the new variant is coded in the Go language (Golang)...
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Data Leak Texas Department of Insurance US Vulnerability Fraud Prevention

A data leak occurred in the Department of Insurance based in Texas

A “data security event” in the Texas Department of Insurance resulted in a data leak impacting approximately 1.8 million people. The Texas Department of Insurance, aka TDI, revealed that the “data security event” happened on March 24. However, security researchers had noticed that Texas’ Attorney General’s office reported the incident on April 4. The leaked...
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Mental Health Charity Scotland RansomEXX Ransomware Scottish Association for Mental Health

Mental health charity in Scotland struck by RansomEXX ransomware

The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) in Scotland recently disclosed a ransomware attack against their institution conducted by the RansomEXX group. The attack campaign resulted in the leakage of the institution’s sensitive data on the internet. According to a chief executive of SAMH, their institution is devastated by the attack. They cannot understand why...
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Clients Data Breach Okta Access Management Lapsus$ Hacked Sitel Remote Access

2.5% of clients from Okta got impacted by the Lapsus$ hack

A statement from Okta’s representative revealed that about 2.5% of their clients’ data might have been impacted by the data breach that transpired last March 22, executed by the Lapsus$ threat group. Even though Okta has not provided further details about the attack’s impact, they added that the affected clients are allowed to analyze the...
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Lapsus$ Data Leak Source Code Microsoft Azure DevOps Server Bing Cortana

Lapsus$ leaks project source code from Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server

Microsoft’s internal Azure DevOps Server projects, including Bing and Cortana, were recently targeted by the threat group Lapsus$, leaking the projects’ source code to the public. Through their Telegram channel, the Lapsus$ threat group shared a screenshot showing the Azure DevOps Server of Microsoft, which contains the source code for many of the giant tech...
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Toei Animation Hacked Anime One Piece Japan

Toei Animation studio gets hacked, delays airing new anime episodes

One of Japan’s most prominent animation studios, Toei, suffered a cyberattack that caused a delay in releasing new episodes of several animes, especially the popular series ONE PIECE. The news has disappointed the fans since they are waiting for the much-awaited 1000th episode of the highly acclaimed Japanese anime series. According to the announcement of...
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Google Drive Attack Vector Malicious Downloads Malware Scripts Cloud Services Brand Abuse

Google Drive has become the most efficient vector for malicious downloads

Recent reports revealed how Google Drive became the most exploited function that threat actors used for spreading malicious payloads. Based on data gathered by researchers, about half of all malicious Office documents spread globally were distributed by threat actors using Google Drive. The result of the report is based on a recent study that covers...
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GitHub Repository Exposed Data Source Code BotenaGo Malware

A GitHub repository exposed the source code of BotenaGo malware

The source code of BotenaGo malware that has been leaked to GitHub was recently discovered by researchers and added that the identity of the culprit who revealed the source code is yet to be confirmed. However, now that the source code is released on a public platform, researchers can tell how the malware works against...
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