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Voice Chat Mobile App OyeTalk Compromised Data 5M User Data Leak

Voice chat app OyeTalk compromised 5M user data in a leak

New reports showed that one of Android’s most utilised voice chat applications, OyeTalk, has experienced a data leak in its systems. The voice chat app incident affected millions of users’ private data, such as unencrypted chat histories, usernames, and IMEI numbers. Oyetalk serves about five million users worldwide. According to researchers, the leak transpired from...
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RambleOn Android Malware South Korean Journalists

New RambleOn Android malware targeted South Korean journalists

A newly discovered Android malware, RambleOn, has been spreading infection in the wild after security researchers found its trails targeting a South Korean journalist in a social engineering operation. According to the researchers’ observations on this new Android malware, once it successfully infiltrates a device, it can read, collect, and leak the victim’s SMS data,...
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EyeSpy Surveillanceware SecondEye Mobile Apps 20Speed VPN Monitoring Tool Compromised App

EyeSpy surveillanceware uses compromised VPNs for propagation

Attackers have utilised tainted VPN installers to spread a surveillanceware called EyeSpy. Researchers noted that this recent attack is part of a malware operation that started in May last year. Based on reports, EyeSpy surveillanceware uses the components of a legitimate monitoring tool called, SecondEye, to spy on users of 20Speed VPN. Currently, most recorded...
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StrongPity APT Malicious App Telegram Social Media Chat App

StrongPity APT pushes malicious Telegram to target victims

The StrongPity APT is a cyberespionage group that emerged at least a decade ago. This advanced persistent threat group known as Promethium primarily deploys its campaigns in Turkey and Syria. The group has kept its TTPs the same despite their age, but it continues to adopt other attack strategies to make its attacks more efficient...
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Trojanised BitKeep Mobile Apps Hackers Stolen Funds DeFi Wallet

Trojanised BitKeep apps allowed hackers to steal millions

The crypto owners who used the BitKeep apps reported that their funds were missing from their wallets during the holidays after an attacker executed numerous transactions that did not require verification. BitKeep is a DeFi wallet, a decentralised multi-chain web3 that could support more than 30 blockchains, 20,000 decentralised applications, 223,000 assets, and 76 mainnets....
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Xnspy Spyware Mobile App iPhone Android

New Xnspy spyware app aimed against iPhone and Android users

Threat actors have been observed propagating a new spyware app, ‘Xnspy,’ launched against unaware iPhone and Android users. The malicious app aims to spy on people’s spouses’ or domestic partners’ devices, pretending to be an app to monitor children’s online activities. Xnspy is one of the many spyware applications in the wild that are planted...
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Android OEM Platform Certificates Abused Malware Mobile Apps

Android OEM platform certificates utilised to sign malware

Cybercriminals have found a method to sign their malware after they abuse the multiple platform certificates utilised by Android OEM device vendors. The exploit enables the attackers to sign compromised Android applications and gives them higher privileges to the infected device. According to the investigation, several malware samples were signed by threat actors through 10...
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Educational Mobile Apps eLearning Impersonation Android Malware

Educational apps impersonated by an Android malware

A threat group uses reading and educational apps for students to hide their Android malware through impersonation. This campaign aims to steal Facebook account credentials from targeted devices. A recent report revealed that malware operators have already infected more than 300,000 devices across over 70 countries worldwide. Unfortunately for the Vietnamese, Vietnam is the most...
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Symoo SMS Mobile App Android Data Exfiltration Google Play Store OTP

Symoo app targets Android users to exfiltrate SMS data

The Symoo app is the newest addition to the threats that have successfully bypassed Google’s security check for Play Store. According to a researcher, the bogus application has already infected approximately 100,000 Android devices. Symoo has a rating of 3.4 on the Google Play Store. However, the researcher explained that its operators secretly perform SMS...
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SharkBot Trojan Mobile Malware Play Store Android Utility App Infostealer Malicious Apps

SharkBot trojan poses as utility apps to steal from users

In a new threat campaign that targets Android users, security researchers reveal that the operators of the SharkBot trojan return, distributing the malicious payload via the Google PlayStore. This new campaign seemed to have targeted users mainly from the UK and Italy. Over thousands of downloads were collected by the malicious Android apps that carry...
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