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Kazakhstan Hermit Android Spyware Privacy

Kazakhstan used the Hermit Android spyware to snoop on its citizens

An alleged Italian-made Hermit Android spyware has been observed by researchers in Kazakhstan, where the government utilised it to monitor its citizens’ activities. Experts assumed that the spyware was developed by a couple of Italian firms named Tykelab Srl and RCS Lab S.p.A. Moreover, a researcher said that an entity owned by the national government...
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Malibot Malware Android Devices Steal Crypto Assets

Malibot malware hits Android devices to steal crypto assets

Italy and Spain were targeted by a new cyberattack campaign that utilises a new Android banking malware dubbed MaliBot. The new malware variant has been observed imitating cryptocurrency mining apps and the Chrome internet browser to target its victims. The studies conducted on the MaliBot banking malware show how the new variant could steal the...
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Facebook Phishing Campaigns Attack Vector

Facebook phishing campaigns have become a widespread attack vector

A wide-scale phishing campaign was found exploiting Facebook and Facebook Messenger social media applications to victimise account users and trick them into giving away their account credentials. Once the hackers have gained access to the users’ Facebook accounts, they will use it to defraud more victims, allowing them to generate money on commissions through online...
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Fake Android VPN Mobile Apps SideWinder APT Threat Group Pakistan Malware Spear Phishing

Fake Android VPN apps used by the SideWinder APT to target Pakistan

The SideWinder APT group has included a new custom tool for malware strains in phishing attacks distributed to Pakistani organisations. The phishing links are attached to emails impersonating legitimate notifications and services of government departments and organisations in Pakistan. SideWinder, an advanced persistent threat group that has been active since 2012, primarily focuses on attacking...
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Digital Driving Licenses Australia Digital Risks Users Security NSW DDL

The digital driving licenses in Australia pose risks to users’ security

In 2019, New South Wales in Australia launched a digital driver’s license (DDL) program to replace the physical driving licenses of drivers from the state. The officials who implemented the project claimed that the DDL is more secure, but security experts say otherwise. As of 2021, over half of the state’s population has used the...
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Cybercriminals Discord SYK Crypter Malware Social Media Threat Campaign Phishing

Cybercriminals use Discord to spread the SYK Crypter

Threat actors were spotted exploiting the Discord platform to propagate SYK Crypter. The popularity of these social media sites and platforms has gathered the attention of many malware developers, resulting in the development of multiple threats that compromise this internet field. The researchers also highlighted the malware’s capabilities, including bypassing the behaviour and signature-based cybersecurity...
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iOS Find My Hackers Malware Mobile Devices Apple Bluetooth

iOS ‘Find My’ allows hackers to run malware on switched off devices

Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature was found with a critical flaw that allows hackers to tamper with the firmware and inject malware through a Bluetooth chip capable of being launched even if an iPhone device is turned off. The new malicious intent of hackers abused the capability of wireless chips linked with Bluetooth, NFC, and ultra-wideband...
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Mental Health Mobile Apps User Sensitive Data InfoSec Privacy

Mental health apps identified capitalising on users’ sensitive data

Findings published by Mozilla exposed a worrying concern about the lack of security and user privacy for mental health apps found on mobile application stores. These apps are valuable for people undergoing personal distress like anxiety, PTSD, domestic violence, etc. Some religion-themed apps are also discovered in a similar case. The study made by Mozilla...
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Onleihe Online Library Mobile App Cyberattack Germany Third Party Vendor Digital Risk

Onleihe, an online library application, severely affected by a cyberattack

After a cyberattack targeted their vendor, the library lending app Onleihe announced problems in multiple media formats endorsed on the platform, like audio, video, and e-book files. Onleihe is an application that enables visitors and users to connect to local libraries and borrow e-magazines and audiobooks. The application is utilised by various universities in Europe...
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Video Conferencing Monitoring Noises Despite Muting Webex Cisco

Video-conferencing apps found monitoring noises despite users muting

Some academic researchers reported and warned that the Webex video-conferencing application owned by Cisco, and others, still monitor users’ microphone devices even if they have muted it from their end. The researchers also added that the telemetry data that the application transmits to user servers could be used to identify background activities happening from the...
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