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Android Apps Vector Banking Malware DawDropper Mobile Apps

Android apps vector of a banking malware called DawDropper

A malicious threat campaign that pushes Android dropper apps on Google Play Store seems to be the transmitter for distributing the DawDropper banking malware on compromised devices. According to researchers, more than a dozen Android applications are disguising themselves as utility and productivity apps. The researchers call the malware DawDropper, with infected apps ranging from...
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Fake Malicious Apps WhatsApp App Stores Mobile Apps

Fake and malicious WhatsApp versions circulate on multiple app stores

WhatsApp’s CEO published an advisory on Twitter after fake versions of the messaging application were spotted circulating in numerous app stores. According to the messaging platform, WhatsApp users should be careful of downloading from unknown sources since they are being impersonated by a malicious application that poses as legitimate. The incident happened after the company’s...
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Toll Fraud Malware Android Mobile Users Premium Subscription Fraud Prevention

Toll fraud infects Android users to force them into premium services

Android devices are currently at risk of being targeted by toll fraud malware, which allows the threat operators to disable a user’s WiFi access to force them into subscribing to premium services. Reports say this malware does not work over WiFi connections, thus shifting the device to connect the internet to its mobile operator’s network....
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Tropic Trooper APT New Malware SMS Bomber Yahoyah Trojan

The Tropic Trooper APT employs new malware to target victims

A new threat campaign was attributed to the Chinese-speaking threat group, Tropic Trooper, who has utilised the Nimbda loader and a new strain of the Yahoyah malware in attacks. Researchers revealed the campaign’s details, claiming that the threat actors showed competent knowledge of cryptography. The attackers widen the AES specification in a custom implementation by...
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ISP Spyware Vendor Mobile Users RCS Labs Surveillance Android iOS Italy Kazakhstan Surveillanceware Google

ISPs allegedly conspired with a spyware vendor to infect users

A spyware vendor, RCS Labs, had been reportedly aided by unidentified Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in spreading surveillance tools against Android and iOS users from Italy and Kazakhstan. Google’s Threat Analysis Group or TAG had tracked RCS Labs’ activities alongside 29 other spyware vendors. Based on the analysis of the attacks, the victims were instructed...
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Kazakhstan Hermit Android Spyware Privacy

Kazakhstan used the Hermit Android spyware to snoop on its citizens

An alleged Italian-made Hermit Android spyware has been observed by researchers in Kazakhstan, where the government utilised it to monitor its citizens’ activities. Experts assumed that the spyware was developed by a couple of Italian firms named Tykelab Srl and RCS Lab S.p.A. Moreover, a researcher said that an entity owned by the national government...
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Malibot Malware Android Devices Steal Crypto Assets

Malibot malware hits Android devices to steal crypto assets

Italy and Spain were targeted by a new cyberattack campaign that utilises a new Android banking malware dubbed MaliBot. The new malware variant has been observed imitating cryptocurrency mining apps and the Chrome internet browser to target its victims. The studies conducted on the MaliBot banking malware show how the new variant could steal the...
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Facebook Phishing Campaigns Attack Vector

Facebook phishing campaigns have become a widespread attack vector

A wide-scale phishing campaign was found exploiting Facebook and Facebook Messenger social media applications to victimise account users and trick them into giving away their account credentials. Once the hackers have gained access to the users’ Facebook accounts, they will use it to defraud more victims, allowing them to generate money on commissions through online...
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Fake Android VPN Mobile Apps SideWinder APT Threat Group Pakistan Malware Spear Phishing

Fake Android VPN apps used by the SideWinder APT to target Pakistan

The SideWinder APT group has included a new custom tool for malware strains in phishing attacks distributed to Pakistani organisations. The phishing links are attached to emails impersonating legitimate notifications and services of government departments and organisations in Pakistan. SideWinder, an advanced persistent threat group that has been active since 2012, primarily focuses on attacking...
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Digital Driving Licenses Australia Digital Risks Users Security NSW DDL

The digital driving licenses in Australia pose risks to users’ security

In 2019, New South Wales in Australia launched a digital driver’s license (DDL) program to replace the physical driving licenses of drivers from the state. The officials who implemented the project claimed that the DDL is more secure, but security experts say otherwise. As of 2021, over half of the state’s population has used the...
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