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Third-Party JavaScript Websites Cyberattack Risks Organisations

Third-party JavaScripts on sites pose attack risks to organisations

A high chance of websites being exposed to third-party JavaScripts has recently been identified by researchers, with a further concern of threat actors having an easy way to exploit them to inject malicious codes into the sites. In a normal occurrence, webpages load a third-party script into a browser coming from an external server that...
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Cybercriminals Discord SYK Crypter Malware Social Media Threat Campaign Phishing

Cybercriminals use Discord to spread the SYK Crypter

Threat actors were spotted exploiting the Discord platform to propagate SYK Crypter. The popularity of these social media sites and platforms has gathered the attention of many malware developers, resulting in the development of multiple threats that compromise this internet field. The researchers also highlighted the malware’s capabilities, including bypassing the behaviour and signature-based cybersecurity...
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Surge Emotet Malware Cyberattacks Major Cyber threat Organisations

The surge of Emotet malware attacks poses a major threat to organisations

The highly elusive Emotet malware has deployed several attacks against numerous organisations. There have been few changes in the infection process method that the threat actors do in controlling the trojan, but the primary purpose is to steal information from targeted systems.   The Emotet malware distributes infected documents in their latest onslaught.   According...
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Ransomware Notes SMShing Fraud Prevention REvil DDoS

A barrage of ransomware notes is distributed to target companies

Threat actors have been sending their targets a barrage of ransomware notes to extort and manipulate the stock prices of several companies. These ransomware notes were distributed through a chain of text messages sent to every target firm and organisation’s superiors. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) ransomware threat actor targets a client of a cybersecurity firm...
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Homomorphic Encryption Side Channel CyberAttack Campaign Data Leakage MS SEAL Vulnerability

Homomorphic encryption targeted by a new side-channel attack campaign

Researchers have demonstrated the pioneer side-channel campaign on homomorphic encryption. Threat actors could abuse the side-channel attack to leak data during the ongoing encryption process. Based on the researchers’ discovery, they can examine the data while being encrypted by monitoring the power consumption in a network inputting data for homomorphic encryption. The data leakage attack...
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Sabbath Ransomware Security Evasion UNC2190 Cobalt Strike Beacon Ransomware as a Service

Sabbath ransomware evades security detections via modification tactics

A new ransomware campaign dubbed ‘Sabbath’ or UNC2190 is reportedly being launched actively by threat actors and remained undetected due to its sophisticated attack tactics and size. As the operation began its attacks in October, the Sabbath ransomware group claimed to infect multiple organisations and also threatened to leak all stolen data if victims did...
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New York Credit Union 21GB data destroyed employee retaliation

More than 21GB of data was destroyed in retaliation as a New York Credit Union employee got fired

After being fired from a financial institution, New York Credit Union, Juliana Barile has been found guilty of an unauthorized intrusion of the firm’s computer system and then destroying more than 21GB of company data. Her action is reported to be a form of revenge upon her job dismissal.  According to the acting US Attorney,...
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covid-19 pandemic iZOOlogic covid19 industry news

COVID-19 Update

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared by the WHO on the 11th March 2020 we have seen a deteriorating situation here in the UK, and across the EU, US, and much of the world. Most governments have placed unprecedented restrictions on their populations to curtail the spread of Coronavirus. Our threat research and response teams...
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