Social Media Monitoring

Social Reputation Risks

Social Media security presents a new set of challenges for the business and is a growing area of online brand abuse leading to message dilution and corporate identity theft. Social Media provides an easy mechanism for cybercrime affording the opportunity to distribute phishing and malware content.

Social Media Suite

iZOOlogic social media monitoring is a suite of services that penetrates deep into the social media spectrum. iZOOlogic uses a range of techniques and tools to reach beyond normal vendor APIs and the monitoring platforms correlate a volumes of data from multiple source and other detection suites to provide the most comprehensive detections. iZOOlogic has a great deal of experience in deal with Social Media vendors and third parties to ensure that client Trademark and Copyright infringement are effectively resolved.

Social Media Protection

iZOOlogic social media protection provide the business a deep and broad visibility across the social networks and afford the total control and management against abusive and rogue elements. Social Media Suite will allow the business to enforce and management where their contents being delivered, assist with maintaining the official social messaging, reduce reputational risk, maintain corporate compliance and mitigate adverse social exposure.