Digital Risk And Compliance

Risk And Compliance

iZOOlogic solutions will assist the business in the areas of risk and digital compliance. iZOOlogic solutions reduce reputation risk, reduce revenue losses from cybercrime, and reduce risk and exposure to transacting online and reduce fraud losses.

Government and Industry Regulatory agencies as well as market expectations are placing an increasing compliance burden on banking, financial and other business’.

Operational and compliance risks now present the business with an emerging and complex set of challenges increasing the risk for failed processes and deliverables.

As the business opens end user transaction channels and deploys new technologies they will continue to experience a high degree of risk and losses, ranging from monetary losses to brand reputational risks.

Compliance Management

iZOOlabs Incident Management Portal provides a repository of all recovered forensic data which is provided in a variety reporting formats which will assist the business in meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements. iZOOlogic has a great experience in working to local regulatory authority requirements and standards, and operates from a PCI / DSS / ISO complaint platform and business processes. iZOOlogic can readily produce bespoke reporting and analytics to meet local regulatory frameworks.

Data Integration and Intelligence

iZOOlogic has a library of APIs, and published web services, which readily allows data to be integrated into the organization’s existing systems and affords an efficient method of incident communication and cooperation. Delivering data sets “machine to machine” helps us to build on data intelligence to afford a deeper understanding of the threat land scape and prediction of future attacks. Organisations can readily read data generated by the iZOOlogic to allow correlations and assumptions into other areas of fraud events.

Transactional Risk

Regardless of organisation network strength, a port, a channel, a drawbridge, needs to be opened to transact with third parties and end users. Inherent in the transaction – “between Bob and Alice” is a transaction risk. This risk of the transaction failing, becoming compromised in a malicious manner is similar to any connected Users or devices across a network, however, we some see some key differences.

When a major, valuable, highly trusted brand transacts on the internet the reach is often global. The inherent risk of the transaction between parties is now multiplied to the point where the probability of a failure is high. This presents the business with a risk profile that needs to be determined and a strategy in place to mitigate and reduce the risk. A major risk profile of transacting across networks is from malware and phishing – where iZOOlogic propriety solutions will assist the business in reducing direct fraud losses.

Reputational Risk

In parallel to the transaction risk, but not secondary, is the Reputational Risk. The maxim that Reputational and Transaction Risks are related may have some statistical correlation, however, their effect and outcomediffers. Reputational risk from large scale and reaching malicious content or false messaging carries a reputational risk which affects revenue and downstream income streams, however, there are many examples where critical affects and immediate monetary loss is demonstrated.iZOOlogic has many services and controls to assist the business manage and mitigate reputational risks from not just a brand perspective but direct loss of revenue.