Incident Response

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Incident Response

iZOOlogic provides an integrated and seamless 24x7x365 Global Incident Response to resolve and mitigate against a large number of online threats. iZOOlabs is a dedicated Security platform to provide real time threat identification and evaluation, in-depth forensic analysis, and allows for an immediate response – attack mitigation and attack shut down.

iZOOlogic has broad range of leveraged and global relationships with webhosts, domain registrar and registries, global CERT teams, ISPs, law enforcement, social and mobile platforms as well as other security vendors and community groups.

Enforcement Of Organisation Security Policies

iZOOlogic has a team of dedicated professionals, including Threat Researchers, Security Analysts, and a specialised legal team. Our teams have a high degree of working knowledge and expertise to liaise with third parties to resolve complex legal cases and enforce the security policies of our clients.

iZOOlogic works in a consultative manner with clients to develop a bespoke security policy framework, as well deal with response on a case by case basis. iZOOlogic deals with responses ranging from highly technical, to critically sensitive matters, through to complex legal cases. Via our leveraged relationships and niche skill sets, iZOOlogic provides the fastest site take down services, as well handling the more complex legal cases. The specialised legal team has a deep knowledge in working within ICANN policies and to local jurisdiction and language to consistently deliver the optimal client outcomes.

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iZOOlabs is our response platform based in the City of London and underpins the 24x7x365 Global Security Operation Centre (GSOC), the Malware Laboratory, and Threat Research Centre. iZOOlabs provides specialised threat analysis and forensic services, and the mechanisms for real time Threat Intelligence feeds, Threat Advisory Services, via the iZOOlabs Incident Management Portal.

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