Vendor Risk Assessment

Vendor and Third Party Risks

Vendor & Third Party Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of the vendor digital footprint allowing the client to build upon their assessment of the vendor. The iZOOlogic Vendor Assessment discovers the vendors digital footprint and leverages public resources that will assist the client to build a better understanding and illustration of the third party.

Business ecosystems are increasingly complex in terms of partners, suppliers, vendors, and their supply chain. Business has an increasing compliance and process requirement to assess and manage the risks in dealing with their supply chain and vendor portfolio.

Vendor Risk Assessment

Digital Risk Management extends to the relationships the business has with third parties. Organisations need to assess third parties in relation to their supply chain and vendor portfolio. Third party assessments involve analysing many business functions, from corporate structure through to an operational level. iZOOlogic Vendor Risk Assessment is a suite of services and reports to determine the risks of contracting third parties and is an important element to the Digital Risk Protection strategy.

Vendor Risk Management

iZOOlogic Vendor Risk Assessment leverages the brand monitoring platform to extract data and provide an online assessment of the vendor. Assessments are based on the digital status and sentiment, identification of corporate details and public facing infrastructure assessment. iZOOlogic scans the internet, business directories repositories to illustrate the public and surface posture of the third party vendor.