Executive Protection

Executive / VIP Risks

Business executives face an increasing risk as criminals and hackers target key personnel as a leveraged means of attacking business assets and the corporate network. Without Executive Protection, Cybercriminals can steal Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and private information for the purpose of identity theft, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and spear phishing. Executive staff are also open to personal abuse, malice, and public defamation. A duplicate social media account can propagate malicious and false messages which may cause harm to not only an individual but also the business brand and even the industry or market.

Executive Monitoring

iZOOlogic Executive Monitoring Suite employs a variety of services and data correlations, keyword heuristics, including multiple languages, and reverse image-based detections across a broad range of platforms, repositories, and dark web. The solution essentially treats the named Executive / VIP as a unique brand across the monitoring modules.

Executive Protection

iZOOlogic has a high degree of expertise in dealing with the removal of offending web content and resolving more complex and sensitive incidents where defamatory or liable cases against individuals occur. Executive and VIP protection solutions guard against a broad range of social fraud and abuse.