Technical Datasheets

A Real Time Phishing Intelligence Solution

intelliCODE is a propriety suite of server side code that affords agentless end point protection against phishing and malware fraud, in cases where the client source code is copied or being leverage.

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Dark Web Monitoring Suite

The dark web affords criminal networks a distinct advantage of an anonymous and often unfettered platform to openly trade, exchange, and scheme.

Digital Risk Protection

iZOOlogic is a niche information security vendor providing Fraud Prevention and Anti-Phishing solutions. We provide real time monitoring, pro-active attack detection, and a seamless and integrated Incident Response.

Executive Monitoring Suite

Business executives face an increasing risk as criminals and hackers target key personnel as a leveraged means of attacking business assets and the corporate network. Cybercriminals can steal Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and private information for the purpose of identity theft, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and spear phishing.

Vendor Risk Asessment

Organisations have an increasing requirement to assess third parties in relation to their supply chain and vendor portfolio. Third party assessments involve analysing many business functions, from corporate structure through to an operational level.

Web App Threat Protection

iZOOlogic Website Threat Protection strategy provides protection from range on online threats and abuse.