White Papers

Whitepaper: Assessing and Managing Third Party / Vendor Risks

This Whitepaper details the risks in contracting with third parties and the challenges to identify and manage the risks.

Combat Phishing

Whitepaper: Deploying DMARC and other Email Protocols to Combat Phishing

This whitepaper details the use and adoption of DMARC and other protocols to secure the email channel against range of abuses including phishing.

Whitepaper: Identifying and Recovery of Compromised Data from the Dark Web

This whitepaper details that challenges in dealing with the dark web in terms of identification compromised and leaked data, and the processes for remediation. 

Whitepaper: Protecting Critical Business Apps from Surface Threats

This whitepaper details the range of threats that can potentially target critical business applications and techniques cybercriminals may employ.

Whitepaper: Protecting Executives and VIPs from online Abuse and Fraud

This Whitepaper details the risks Executives face across their digital footprint and channels, and the processes he
business should employ to manage and reduce the risk.