Web App Threat Protection

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Web App Threats

Mission Critical Applications are often available across the public networks in order to provide the availability of resource and transaction. The public application provides a great risk business and the security of this surface infrastructure is critical. These assets provide a very public interface that the criminal can easily scan, monitor, review, and discover vulnerabilities to plan their chosen attacks.

Web App Threat Monitoring

iZOOlogic has a range of web app monitoring services that continuously monitor client whitelisted web apps for a variety of threats, ranging from malware, hacking attempts to Zero Day attacks. Threats that leverage application code vulnerabilities are also detected in real time. Services provide detailed code analysis, forensic review and advice for immediate remediation.

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Web App Threat Protection

Website Threat Protection complements Vulnerability Assessment services to provide a robust protection from many perimeter-based attacks against the client surface infrastructure. Web App Threat Protection provides a set of solutions that protect the organisation public facing applications.

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