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Raspberry Robin Malware Connected Evil Corp Threat Group

Raspberry Robin malware may be connected to the Evil Corp group

Microsoft researchers said last week that there might be a possible linkage between the Raspberry Robin malware and the Russian-based malicious threat group Evil Corp. Based on reports, several FakeUpdates malware were found being transmitted through the Raspberry infection that happened last month. Evil Corp was the unnamed access broker for the malware infection last...
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US Visit Taiwan China DDoS Cyberattacks Nancy Pelosi Threat Group

The US’ visit to Taiwan sparked several suspicious DDoS attacks

The recent United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has coincidentally overlapped with several unknown distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks  against Taiwanese websites. These attacks created speculations that China-sponsored threat groups are the culprit of the current cyberattacks against Taiwan. Based on reports, the cybercriminal incident struck four significant websites owned by high-ranking entities...
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Manjusaka Hacking Framework Cobalt Strike Cyberattacks Chinese Hackers

The Manjusaka hacking framework linked to Cobalt Strike attacks

Chinese threat groups were found using a new hacking framework dubbed Manjusaka, which security experts have associated with Cobalt Strike and Sliver attack frameworks. As described in a report, Manjusaka is a Rust-based hacking framework with a Chinese-written user interface. This new tool is also freely available and helps threat actors to generate new implants...
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Emerged Threat Group AIG Cybercrime Model

A newly emerged threat group AIG adopts a unique cybercrime model

Researchers discovered a freshly emerged threat group called Atlas Intelligence Group (AIG) after its business model became very notable for analysts. The group is also known as Atlantis Cyber-Army and now uses a unique approach that researchers have not seen in previous attacks. According to the researchers who first noticed the AIG group, its operators...
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Software Cracks Pirated SmokeLoader Campaign Attack Vector Amadey Malware

Software cracks in SmokeLoader campaign vector of the Amadey malware

A new and improved Amadey malware is spread via the SmokeLoader campaign through key generator sites and software cracks as baits. Amadey is a malware discovered in 2018, and it can perform system reconnaissance, load additional payloads, and steal information. Recent reports suggest that a new version of Amadey malware has resurfaced through the SmokeLoader...
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Cryptojacking Cyberattack WatchDog Threat Group Steganography XMRig Cryptocurrency Hacking

The cryptojacking operations of WatchDog included steganography

The WatchDog threat group has been recently observed by researchers hijacking several cryptocurrency wallets, also adding steganography in its attacks. Based on reports, the malicious threat group’s cryptocurrency hijacking (cryptojacking) operation leverage the unique steganography strategy for malware propagation and other compromises. Additionally, the researchers noticed that the XMRig miner was spoofed as an image...
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Sality Botnet Industrial Control Systems ICS Cyber Threat PLC

An upgraded Sality botnet can now target Industrial Control Systems

The Sality botnet is one of the oldest botnets in the cybercriminal landscape. However, despite its age, Sality has stood the test of time and continued to upgrade its capabilities to conduct more malicious activities. In its most recent version, the Sality botnet has been discovered targeting Industrial Control Systems (ICS), which the botnet has...
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Thailand Activists iPhones Infiltrated Pegasus Spyware Malware InfoStealer

Thailand activists’ iPhones got infiltrated by the Pegasus spyware

At least 30 activists from Thailand got attacked by the Pegasus spyware on their iPhones based on a recent cybersecurity incident in the country. The affected individuals were protesters to support the pro-democracy movement in Thailand that demands reform in the country’s monarchy. The Pegasus spyware was able to infiltrate the protesters’ iPhone devices during...
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Journalists High Risk Orgs Target APT Hacker Groups

Journalists and high-risk orgs remain to be a target of APT groups

Cyberespionage actors have been one of the prime focuses of security experts since they are known for targeting high-risk people, such as journalists and media companies. These APT (advanced persistent threat) groups mostly come from China, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea and are known for attacking to harvest highly confidential state information and perform surveillance....
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Luna Moth Hacking Group Extortion Ransomware Payloads Social Engineering Phishing Fraud Prevention

Luna Moth group extorts from victims without ransomware payloads

A new ransom group dubbed Luna Moth is said to have been utilising social engineering tactics, remote access trojans (RATs), and other legitimate commercially available software to be able to hack into their victims’ computers and extort ransom payments in exchange for their data. According to the reports published about Luna Moth, its operators execute...
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