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6 TB Data Breach Turkey Pegasus Airlines Exposed Data AWS S3 Bucket PegasusEFB

6.5TB data of Turkey-based Pegasus Airlines got exposed online

Cybersecurity researchers have found a data leak incident concerning a Turkey-based firm Pegasus Airlines, which exposed their AWS S3 bucket that contained EFB or Electronic Flight Bag data on the web. The researchers explained that the exposed data was left without password protection, thus resulting in the leak. The Turkish airline company has partnered with...
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Cyber Attackers Mahan Airlines IRGC-QF Iran Data Breach

Attackers strike Mahan Airlines to stress their connection with the IRGC-QF

One of Iran’s biggest airlines, Mahan Air, was reportedly hit by a cyberattack that the Hooshyarane Vatan threat group allegedly conducted. The said threat group stole documents involving the airline to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The airline acknowledged to the public about being hit by the attack but added that it had already been...
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UK House of Commons Email Threats Cyber Security Phishing Scam Malicious Emails Ransomware Vulnerability

The UK’s House of Commons gets exposed to cyber threats with a 358% upsurge rate for 2021

Security researchers have found out a 358% upsurge in the rate of malicious email threats being sent towards the inbox of the UK’s House of Commons in 2020. The Freedom of Information (FoI) data were acquired from the lower house of the UK’s parliament that revealed an increase in cyber threats over the previous years.  In 2018, HoC blocked over...
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Aerospace Telecommunication firms cyberattack Iranian Hackers Dropbox

Aerospace and Telecommunication firms attacked by Iranian Hackers that abuses Dropbox

A piece of new information reveals a cyber-spying campaign by Iranian hackers targeting the Middle East-based aerospace and telecom industries. The goal is to steal confidential information about assets, infrastructure, and technology while remaining unidentified and evading security systems using Dropbox reliant API.  A cybersecurity company based in Boston, Massachusetts, named the attack ‘Operation Ghostshell’. They pointed out the use of...
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user financial data exposed API security vulnerability

Millions of user financial details were exposed due to an API security vulnerability

Researchers have recently revealed that millions of consumers had their personal and financial details exposed due to an API security vulnerability that has affected several applications. CloudSEK, a cybersecurity and machine intelligence firm, has stated that around 250 clients have used the Razorpay API to conduct financial transactions out of the 13,000 applications uploaded to their security...
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air india data breach database traders dark web

Major Indian airline breached: Hackers and database traders’ business

Another murky and fine dark day in our routine Dark Web Monitoring activities when suddenly posts from private hacking group, public criminal forums and the mainstream surface web forums began talking about an Air India Airline breached by hackers. The data is currently traded by various threat actors where it is sought after by different...
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the storting norway cyberattack microsoft exchange server flaw vulnerability data breach

The Storting, Norway parliament cyberattack using Microsoft Exchange flaw

The Storting, Norway’s parliament, have suffered another cyber-attack leading to threat actors stealing data and gaining access to their network systems. This has been done using the recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities.   Microsoft has recently issued an emergency out of band patch addressing the multiple zero-day exploitable vulnerabilities discovered on the Microsoft Exchange Server....
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supply chain attack SITA PSS airline data breach cyber-attack

Major supply-chain attack resulted in a massive Cyberbreach of numerous Airline companies

Another significant data breach shocking the global stage is a Supply-Chain Cyberattack that managed to successfully exfiltrate data from several airlines due to its massive clientele and network of airlines from its frequent flyer program collection within its database. The concerned service provider was identified as SITA that provides IT services for the aviation industry....
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sonicwall firewall hacked VPN zero-day vulnerability

SonicWall, firewall manufacturer hacked using zero-day vulnerability on it’s VPN product

SonicWall, a security hardware manufacturer, has recently issued an urgent security notice regarding threat actors possibly exploiting a zero-day vulnerability on some of their VPN products to conduct cyber-attack exploits to their network and infrastructure systems. Catering to SME and large enterprise organizations and companies, SonicWall is a well-known hardware firewall system device manufacturer which...
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Genesis Market Place Back Blackhats dark web

Genesis Market Place is back – Blackhats who do not run away

Blackhats who do not run away will continuously cause havoc and insecure private data breach to individuals and companies. Though it is rare for adversaries to honour their customers, yesterday the doubt of security researchers and adversaries were proven wrong. Both onion and Clearnet version of the Genesis Market website is up and running. Yet,...
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