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Airline Loyalty Program Flying Blue Compromised Data Cybersecurity Incident Response

The airline loyalty program Flying Blue gets compromised

Some personal data of customers of the Flying Blue loyalty program that serves multiple airline firms have reportedly been compromised due to a security breach. The news emerged after Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines alerted their customers affected by the said incident. Partnered with different airline firms, Flying Blue is a loyalty program...
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Malaysia AirAsia Daixin Ransomware Cyberattack Airline Data Breach Dark Web

Malaysia’s AirAsia allegedly struck by a Daixin ransomware attack

The Daixin ransomware gang recently claimed an attack against a Malaysian airline firm AirAsia Group, an advisory that came to light after the threat group had added the firm to their list of victims. Daixin said that the stolen databases from AirAsia include 5 million unique passengers’ and employees’ data. Two databases have also been...
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Cyberattack Air New Zealand Australia Airline Operation Disruption Credential Stuffing Compromised Accounts

A cyberattack on Air New Zealand caused operational disruption

Air New Zealand reports a cyberattack after discovering that hackers launched a credential-stuffing attack on some of their customer’s accounts, causing them to be unable to access their accounts. The airline’s representative clarified that the incident was not a breach of their security systems but was from some affected customers’ accounts. The Australian airline firm...
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KillNet Threat Group Russian Hackers Hacktivist DDoS Cyberattacks US Airline Website Protection

KillNet threat group deployed DDoS attacks on US airport websites

The KillNet threat group, a pro-Russian hacktivist, was recently observed sending distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against websites of well-known aeronautics institutions in the United States. The group has successfully executed the attack making the websites inaccessible to visitors. Based on reports, the attack flooded the websites’ servers with garbage requests, resulting in the system error...
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American Airlines Data Breach Cyberattack Compromised Data Compromised Accounts Phishing

American Airlines reports suffering from a data breach attack

A data breach incident has hit American Airlines after the firm confirmed the incident through notification letters they sent to affected customers last September 16. As stated in their letter, there was no proof that the stolen data were misused, although it is still unknown how many employee email accounts and sensitive personal data were...
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TAP Air Portugal Ragnar Locker Ransomware Hacked Data Breach Airline Europe Compromised Server

TAP Air Portugal gets hit by the Ragnar Locker ransomware

The notorious Ragnar Locker ransomware group allegedly hit Portugal’s flag carrier, TAP Air Portugal, after the airline revealed that its systems were compromised last week. The company disclosed that they obstructed the attack, hindering the threat actors from conducting further plans. In addition, the firm noted that there is no evidence of attackers gaining access...
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India Airline Akasa Air Threat Warning Data Breach Fraud Prevention Phishing Policy Enforcement

New Indian Airline, Akasa Air, warned its users about a data breach

India’s newest airline company, Akasa Air, has warned its users about unauthorised access to their systems. The Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed airline based in Mumbai, India, is the latest addition to the country’s aviation industry. The company set its scheduled operation last July, but it officially started deploying aircraft earlier this month (August 7). Unfortunately, the new...
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Ransomware Airline Service Provider Accelya ALPHV BlackCat Data Leak Threat Group

Ransomware hits a large airline technology provider Accelya

A ransomware incident recently hit a major airline technology provider, Accelya, impacting its internal systems and causing minor operational disruption. Some of the well-known clients of the affected firm include British Airways, Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue. With over 250 airline partners from nine countries, Accelya is known for providing cargo, passengers, and industry analytics...
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Data Leak Malaysia UAE Airline Passengers For Sale Dark Web Underground Forums Cybersecurity

Data of Malaysian and UAE airline passengers for sale online

From the latest dark web monitoring of iZOOlogic analysts, we have found that an immense volume of databases owned by Malaysian and UAE-based airline passengers have been marketed on the dark web and underground forums. A dark web threat actor with the username ‘Bill_Joy’ posted these discovered stolen databases. As seen from the advertisement, both...
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Cleartrip India Flight Booking Hacked Data Breach Airline

Cleartrip, an Indian flight booking platform, got struck by hackers

The internal systems of a renowned flight booking site in India, Cleartrip, disclosed a data breach attack that might have compromised the personal information of the yet unidentified impacted individuals. The management of the booking site also shared that they are now investigating the incident along with third-party security experts. A Cleartrip representative stated that...
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