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Nuclear Entities Power Plants Increased Cyberattacks Cyber Threat Data Breach

Nuclear entities currently experience increased cyberattacks

Cybersecurity researchers notice an upward trend regarding malicious threat campaigns against nuclear entities in different countries globally. Based on reports, there are various cybercriminal activities against nuclear activities this year, and threat actors showed that their operations are getting more advanced as time passes. A recent cybersecurity tally revealed that the barrage of cyberattacks against...
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Phishing Cyberattack 2022 World Cup Fifa Soccer Impersonation Fraudsters Online Scam Malware

Phishing attacks have increased during the 2022 World Cup

This week, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar may have caused a spike in phishing attacks against Middle Eastern countries. Research shows that the drastic increase in these phishing emails has started from September to this month. These emails have been using FIFA-related and soccer topics after a study revealed that it targets football fans...
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Saudi Arabia Middle East Justice Blade Threat Group Smart Link BPO Solutions Outsourcing Data Breach

Big-time Saudi Arabian firms targeted by the Justice Blade group

A newly discovered ideologically motivated threat group called Justice Blade was spotted targeting the largest organisations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on reports, the group have set their sights on major organisations and government agencies within the country and nations included in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). According to an investigation, the Justice...
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Anonymous Take Down System Disruption Payment System Qatar Iran Hacktivist Banking

Anonymous takes down a leading payment system in Qatar

Our dark web researchers have recently discovered a new campaign performed by the Anonymous hacktivist. The group had recently taken down a payment system giant in Qatar, disrupting people’s regular payment transactions. Anonymous has been known for backing Ukraine against Russia and its supporting entities, specifically with the ongoing war between the two countries. According...
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Fake Website Saudi Arabia Government Portal Phishing Cyberattack Campaign Malicious Domain

A fake Saudi government portal utilised for a phishing campaign

A new cybercriminal campaign that utilises several Absher phishing domains were used by threat actors to steal credentials from Saudi Arabians. Absher is a Saudi Arabian government portal that caters to millions of citizens. Researchers discovered the campaign last week and have thoroughly explained how it operates. The threat actors attack their targets by sending...
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FurBall Spyware Mobile Malware Android APT-C-50 Phishing Data Exfiltration

Upgraded FurBall spyware used by APT-C-50 in recent attacks

The Domestic Kitten group (APT-C-50) has been targeting Iranians in mobile surveillance campaigns using the latest version of the ‘FurBall’ Android spyware. The APT group has used the FurBall spyware since its initial activities in 2016, which is now equipped with obfuscation capabilities and updates on its C2. Researchers added that the Domestic Kitten group...
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Witchetty Hacking Group Windows Logo File Malware Backdoor Vulnerability

Witchetty group utilises the Windows logo to hide malware

The Witchetty hacking group, which is believed to be linked with the Cicada APT (APT10), was found obfuscating a backdoor malware behind the Windows logo through a steganography technique. Witchetty’s new campaign, launched last February, involved cyberespionage attacks against government organisations in the Middle East and a stock exchange firm in Africa. The toolkit used...
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Almoayed ICT BlackByte Ransomware Bahrain Middle East Extortion Dark Web iZOOlogic IT

Almoayed ICT becomes the latest victim of BlackByte ransomware

The infamous BlackByte ransomware group announces in a cybercriminal forum that they are selling the data of one of the largest ICT system integrators in the world, Almoayed ICT, after allegedly hacking into their internal systems and stealing confidential data. Our dark web monitoring team in iZOOlogic has discovered these findings, adding that the threat...
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Iranian Hackers Phishing Technique Social Engineering Multi Persona Impersonations Social Proofing Online Fraud

Iranian hackers deploy a new phishing technique to trick targets

TA453, an Iranian-based threat group, is spotted using a new and elaborate phishing technique dubbed ‘multi-persona impersonation’ (MPI). In this technique, the hackers use different personas and email accounts that seem to communicate realistically on email to trick victims into believing their legitimacy. The TA453 gang is reportedly working for the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard...
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Iranian Hackers UNC3890 Threat Group Israel Cybercrime Social Engineering Watering Holes Credential Harvesting

Iranian-sponsored UNC3890 group attacks Israeli entities

Researchers have actively monitored the Iranian threat group UNC3890 after deploying several cybercriminal activities against Israel’s critical organisations. These threat actors from Iran have targeted Israel’s healthcare, shipping, and energy sector. According to researchers, these Iranian-backed malicious threat actors were first seen a couple of years ago and continue to this day. The group’s illegal...
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