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Discovered MFA Fatigue Attack Corporations Stolen Credentials Fraud Prevention

The recently discovered MFA Fatigue attack targets corporations

A new social engineering tactic, “MFA Fatigue,” has been gaining prominence across the cybercriminal landscape as more threat actors employ it. Researchers stated that this social engineering method is created exclusively for targeting corporate credentials and breaching network securities. Multiple malicious threat groups have recently started utilising the MFA Fatigue in their campaigns against different...
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Payroll Diversion Scam Fraud Prevention Chiffon Herring Hacking Group

Payroll diversion tactics attributed to the Chiffon Herring group

A newly discovered malicious entity called Chiffon Herring group has been linked to a particular Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam campaign that targets academic institutions. The report shows that the group employs a new payroll diversion attack to target its victims. Researchers stated that this new threat group has been relatively new to the cybercriminal...
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Microsoft Edge News Feed Ad Exploited Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Edge’s news feed ad exploited for tech support scam

A current malvertisement campaign is pushing ads in MS Edge’s news feed to redirect visitors to tech support scam websites. Edge is the ongoing default web browser on devices that runs the Windows OS and currently has a 4.3% market share globally. The tech scam campaign has been operating for a couple of months now....
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Lazarus APT Malware Fake Job Offers Coinbase

Lazarus APT is active in spreading fake job offers on Coinbase

The notorious North Korean advanced persistent threat (APT) group Lazarus is conducting a new social engineering campaign that impersonates the Coinbase company to target employees in fintech firms through fake job offers. The initial sequence of the attack is through approaching the targets in the LinkedIn platform. Subsequently, the attackers will offer a job and...
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Football Fans Online Ticket Scam Fraud Prevention Fake Tickets Social Media Fake Profiles Scammers Fraudsters

Football fans victimised by an online ticket scam campaign

Online scammers have recently targeted the fans of the popular sport football after reports were heard about them selling non-existent football tickets. Furthermore, analytics reveal that over £410 was the average loss per victim, with an uptick rate of 68% in cases from January to June. These scammers have leveraged the sport’s popularity to defraud...
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Google Ads Exploited Hackers Windows Support Scam Fraud Prevention Fraudsters

Google Ads exploited by hackers to deploy Windows Support scams

Google Ads that appear legitimate and trustworthy have been redirecting users to tech support scamming websites. Based on reports, these scams are disseminating fake security alerts that impersonate a function from Windows Defender. An ongoing massive malware advertisement campaign exploits Google Ads. If users search for YouTube-related keywords on Google, the first result will be...
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Nvidia Brand Abuse Scammers Fake Giveaway Fraud Prevention Fraudsters Fake Websites

Nvidia brand used by scammers to conduct a fake giveaway

Fraudsters exploit a computer graphics processor firm Nvidia to conduct a fake giveaway scam to steal cryptocurrency funds from their targets that bite the bait. A report stated that the scammers are abusing the 30th anniversary of the firm by luring its targets with a 50,000 BTC free giveaway. Based on a recent analysis, the...
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Fake Malicious Apps WhatsApp App Stores Mobile Apps

Fake and malicious WhatsApp versions circulate on multiple app stores

WhatsApp’s CEO published an advisory on Twitter after fake versions of the messaging application were spotted circulating in numerous app stores. According to the messaging platform, WhatsApp users should be careful of downloading from unknown sources since they are being impersonated by a malicious application that poses as legitimate. The incident happened after the company’s...
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New York US DMV Department of Motor Vehicles Threat Warning Phishing SMS Scams Fraud Prevention

New York’s DMV warns its customers regarding phishing scams

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has published a threat advisory to warn its customers about a phishing scam that can steal sums by exfiltrating credentials. Based on reports, the phishing scam attempts to steal its targeted victims’ credentials and other essential information. The phishing attack includes spam messages containing malicious links...
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Luna Moth Hacking Group Extortion Ransomware Payloads Social Engineering Phishing Fraud Prevention

Luna Moth group extorts from victims without ransomware payloads

A new ransom group dubbed Luna Moth is said to have been utilising social engineering tactics, remote access trojans (RATs), and other legitimate commercially available software to be able to hack into their victims’ computers and extort ransom payments in exchange for their data. According to the reports published about Luna Moth, its operators execute...
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