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Hackers DNS Abuse Vanity Links Spoofing Brands Phishing Domain Names

Hackers abuse vanity links to spoof brands and victimise people

Many companies utilise vanity links mostly for their brands’ marketing purposes. However, researchers warned that threat actors had established ways to perform phishing attacks using this tool. Security experts explained that the issue regarding vanity links abuse begins when a cloud service would allow a vanity subdomain of a company but would not verify it...
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Phishing Operator California Online Scam US DoD Fraud Prevention DNS Intelligence

A phishing operator from California scammed the US DoD with $23.5M

A California resident phishing operator named Sercan Oyuntur has been indicted by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) for its malicious campaigns causing the US Department of Defense (DoD) to lose over $23.5 million in damages. The money swindled from the US DoD was meant for funding a jet fuel supplier. However, the phishing operator...
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AI-generated Images Online Scam Fraud Prevention Cyberattack campaigns Social Engineering

AI-generated images exploited for new scam campaigns

Scammers are becoming more advanced as technology progresses after security researchers discovered that AI-generated images are being used to conduct fraudulent activities. Based on a report, one victim received a suspicious email from an alleged attorney in a Boston law firm. After examining the email’s sender, it turned out that they are non-existent, and the...
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Hackers Steal Accounts Facebook Phishing Email Campaign Cybercrime Social Media

Hackers try to steal Facebook accounts via an ongoing phishing campaign

Facebook users and page admins are warned of an ongoing phishing attack where threat actors attempt to steal their account passwords. In the campaign, the attack operators send a phishing email to their victims, impersonating the Facebook team and informing the user about their accounts or pages being disabled due to violating some terms of...
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Microsoft DCU Zloader Botnet Command-and-Control Servers Digital Crimes Unit

Microsoft’s DCU shuts down the Zloader command-and-control servers

ZLoader experienced the wrath of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit after it had taken down multiple domains owned by the botnet used as its command-and-control server. The domain takedowns were made possible by Microsoft DCU after it joined forces with several security researchers. According to them, the task given to them by their superiors was more...
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Meta Facebook User Accounts Espionage Cyberattack Campaign Ukraine

Meta disrupts accounts operating espionage campaigns against Ukraine

Meta reveals disrupting the malicious operations of numerous Russian and Belarusian threat actors that targeted Ukraine via espionage campaigns in the past two months. The campaign is reported to have originated from government-linked groups in Russia and Belarus that actively launches cyber espionage operations against many sectors in Ukraine. According to Meta, they have eliminated...
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Customer Support Fraud Scam Fakecalls Trojan Malware Android

Customer Support fraud became possible with the new Fakecalls trojan

A new banking trojan dubbed Fakecalls is currently compromising Android device users to hijack their phone transactions with a bank’s customer support number. The operators of this new campaign intercept incoming and outgoing calls to redirect customers to the fake lines designed by the cybercriminals. The malware portrays itself as a mobile application from popular...
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WonderHero Shut Down 300k Crypto Assets Hackers Binance Coin Cryptocurrency NFT

WonderHero shuts down after losing over $300k crypto assets to hackers

The developers of WonderHero, a cryptocurrency play-to-earn game, have temporarily disabled its service after an unknown group of hackers stole more than $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency from Binance Coin. The hack affected the price of WonderHero’s coin and resulted in a decrease of value to about 90%. WonderHero is one of the many well-known play-to-earn...
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Google Sued Puppy Fraud Scheme Operator Fraud Prevention Online Scam

Google hunted down and sued ‘puppy fraud scheme’ operator

A threat actor from Cameroon is found by Google operating malicious websites that sell basset hound puppies to defraud people looking for pet dogs amid the pandemic. Dubbed the ‘puppy fraud scheme’, the identified campaign had already been sued by Google. The operator behind the malicious campaign was a Cameroon-based individual named Nche Noel Ntse,...
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Data Leak Texas Department of Insurance US Vulnerability Fraud Prevention

A data leak occurred in the Department of Insurance based in Texas

A “data security event” in the Texas Department of Insurance resulted in a data leak impacting approximately 1.8 million people. The Texas Department of Insurance, aka TDI, revealed that the “data security event” happened on March 24. However, security researchers had noticed that Texas’ Attorney General’s office reported the incident on April 4. The leaked...
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