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Canada North America Energy Supplier QEC System Disruption Cyberattack

Canada’s energy company QEC disrupted by a cyberattack

A Canadian energy company called the Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) reports a cyberattack incident that disrupted operations in its administrative offices. The attack was detected last January 15, forcing them to shut down customer care and admin offices’ computer systems. The security incident also disordered the energy company’s payment operations, prohibiting customers from paying through...
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Nissan North America Data Breach Third Party Risk Customer Info Misconfigured Database

Nissan North America suffered a breach from its third-party service

The car company, Nissan North America, started notifying its customers regarding a data breach incident in their third-party service provider that exposed customer information. The security issue was reported by the company to the Office of the Maine Attorney General earlier this week, where Nissan revealed that the attack impacted nearly 18,000 customers. In the...
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LCBOC Cyberattack Customer Data Financial Info Credit Card Skimmer Magecart Malware

LCBO reveals an attack incident affecting customers’ financial data

A Canada-based government enterprise, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), said in a recent statement that its website suffered from a cyberattack by unidentified threat actors. The attack involved hackers injecting malicious code into the website’s store checkout page to steal customer data and financial information. The company revealed that the malicious credit card...
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CMMC Canada System Disruption Ransomware Cyberattack Mining North America Cybercrime

CMMC shuts down its mill after suffering a ransomware attack

A mining firm named Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CMMC) in British Columbia, Canada, disclosed it was a subject of a ransomware campaign that crippled its operations. The Mitsubishi Materials Corp partly owns the Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation. Based on reports, it has approximately 18,000 acres that produce an average of 4 billion kilograms...
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Ontario Canada North America COVAXX Data Breach Cyberattack Fraud Prevention Spam

Canada’s COVAXX system suffered a data breach attack

The COVAXX system in Ontario, Canada, has been impacted by a data breach attack which affected thousands of individuals. According to the Canadian province’s spokesperson, the breach in their system was still a part of the attack against their vaccine management last year. Based on reports, the company will disseminate notices to more than 360,000...
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Holiday Online Shopping ECommerce Phishing Kit Spoofing Phishing North America Fraud Prevention

Holiday shoppers targeted by a sophisticated phishing kit

Threat actors have targeted North Americans, especially holiday shoppers, with lures sent using a sophisticated phishing kit. The phishing tool utilises several evasion tactics and includes multiple functions to keep researchers from tracking its operators. Based on reports, one of the unique features used by the tool is a token-based system that ensures each target...
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Canada Food Retail Supermarket Cyberattack BlackBasta Ransomware

A Canadian food retail company reports suffering from an attack

Recent reports show that the food retail company in Canada, Sobeys, has been hit with a cyberattack that impacted its IT infrastructure. The attack initially targeted the firm’s owned grocery chains and pharmacies, allegedly conducted by the BlackBasta ransomware group. The Canadian food retail company released a statement about the incident, revealing that some of...
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Cyberattack Operation Disruption System Outage Maple Leaf Foods Manufacturing Canada North America

A cyberattack caused IT disruptions at Maple Leaf Foods

Last week, Maple Leaf Foods admitted they had experienced a cybersecurity attack that caused IT disruption and system outage, affecting their daily operations. The affected entity is Canada’s most extensive poultry food and prepared meat producer. Maple Leaf Food operates more than 20 facilities across Canada and employs approximately 14,000 individuals. Moreover, the meat producer...
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RansomEXX Ransomware Threat Group Cyberattack BRP Bombardier Recreational Products Canada North America

The RansomEXX ransomware group claims the attack on BRP

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) suffered a cybercriminal attack last August 8, which the RansomEXX ransomware group claimed was their doing. The affected Canadian manufacturer of Sea-Doo jet skis, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, motorcycles, Rotax engines, watercraft, and ATVs has immediately released an advisory and stopped all its operations after detecting malicious cyber activity. BRP has approximately 20,000...
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Mantis Botnet Powerful Botnet Malware DDoS Cybersecurity Cyberattack

Mantis botnet described as the most powerful botnet to date

A new botnet, dubbed Mantis, that security researchers spotted last June was said to have performed a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack against its targets, being described as one of the most powerful botnet variants. From the reports about the Mantis botnet, its attacks had topped at 26 million HTTPS requests per second, coming from...
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