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Malicious Domains Website Hackers Blocked Google

Malicious domains owned by hired hackers get blocked by Google

The prevalence of hack-for-hire campaigns worldwide has forced Google to block several malicious domains and websites that are used in attacking targets from across the world. Their clients employ these hired hackers to perform cyberattacks on a targeted victim, such as hacking or spying. The clients also use these services to conceal themselves if the...
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Cybercriminals Probability Theory Obfuscate XLoader Botnet Malware MacOS Windows

Cybercriminals apply probability theory to obfuscate the XLoader botnet

A new version of the XLoader botnet has been found using probability theory in obfuscating its command-and-control (C2) servers to become more resistant to being disrupted by security analysts. The method used by the botnet’s operators allows them to remain on the same infrastructure without losing nodes while also evading detection. Being initially based on...
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Hackers DNS Abuse Vanity Links Spoofing Brands Phishing Domain Names

Hackers abuse vanity links to spoof brands and victimise people

Many companies utilise vanity links mostly for their brands’ marketing purposes. However, researchers warned that threat actors had established ways to perform phishing attacks using this tool. Security experts explained that the issue regarding vanity links abuse begins when a cloud service would allow a vanity subdomain of a company but would not verify it...
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Torrent Website The Pirate Bay Spoofing Hackers Malicious Advertisements Impersonation Fraud Prevention DNS Intelligence

Popular torrent website The Pirate Bay gets spoofed by hackers

The well-known torrent website called The Pirate Bay is being impersonated by a succession of malicious domains that offer compromised ads to about seven million users per month by utilising costless content in baiting targets. Malicious advertising, also known as malvertising, is a growing threat to users since it is found on many popular sites...
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The Tor Project Dark Web Domains Onion V3 Websites The Onion Router Virtual Tunnels

The Tor Project require dark web domains to move to V3 onion sites

A major change in the Tor anonymity network has transpired from 2020 to 2021 after their software team issued the latest version that updated .onion domains’ appearance and function. One important aspect of the Tor Project is how it was updated from having 16-character-long .onion domains or v2 addresses to being replaced with 56-character-long domains...
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KT Corporation Service Outage Routing Error Misconfiguration Border Gateway Protocol BGP Downtime

KT Corporation reports a nationwide service outage, suspects routing error as the cause

South Korea’s second-largest telecommunication firm, KT Corporation, reported experiencing a nationwide service outage that left more than 16.5 million Korean customers disconnected from the internet and phone services for less than an hour. Because of the outage, schools were affected, including students that attend online classes. Health staff were unable to access patient data, and credit card processing in stores was...
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hackers Asia Telecom Malware Harvester data breach threat actors

Custom Malware used by hackers to infiltrate Asian-Telco Companies

In recent attacks, an unknown state-sponsored threat group used a malware toolset targeting several IT firms and telecommunication providers in Asian countries, especially the southern part of the continent.  The researchers found a tool called Harvester. The threat group uses it to gather essential data in a top-tier espionage campaign against a vital part of a country’s system, such as IT...
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ethical hackers researchers hacked indian government critical vulnerabilities flaws

Researcher team hacked Indian government websites by using exposed git and env files

Ethical hackers and cybersecurity researchers disclosed more information on how multiple websites of the Indian government got hacked and breached. Just last month, researchers from the Sakura Samurai hacking group had discovered and disclosed their breach and findings via a large number of critical vulnerabilities on the cyber systems of the Indian government. The full...
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Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker DNS Threat Intelligence cyberattack

Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker Attacked?

Today’s trading landscape is advanced in the digital world, from trading securities to digital trading currencies that have no backing of value than the real world currencies backed by fiat and banking systems. We can easily conclude that cryptocurrencies are backed by hype too, where we see a rise and fall of digital currencies in...
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tutanota email distributed denial of service dns ddos

Tutanota encrypted email service suffers DDoS Attack

Series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) was experienced by Tutanota mid of this month. The attack was able to completely halt its use entirely and affects over 2 million of its users. Unknown cyber attackers not only attack the company itself but also spread its malicious activity to the DNS provider of the company,...
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