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Tornado Cash Sanction US Lazarus Threat Group Money Laundering Cryptocurrency North Korea

Tornado Cash faces another sanction from the US government

The cryptocurrency mixer service, dubbed Tornado Cash, faces reissued sanctions from the US Treasury Department after allegedly aiding the North Korean-backed threat group launder nearly $500 million last March. According to the State Department, the cryptocurrency mixer had given material support to the Lazarus Group to launder the stolen money. This malicious threat group is...
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Threat Actors Laplas Clipper Crypto Trader Clipboard Stealer Darknet Clearnet

Threat actors used the Laplas Clipper to target crypto users

Threat actors have included in their sophisticated attacks the Laplas Clipper to deceive and target cryptocurrency users. According to researchers, the Laplas Clipper is a newly discovered feature-packed clipboard stealer that enables a threat actor to acquire more control and knowledge of its targeted environment.   The Laplas Clipper could execute sophisticated methods for its...
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US Bitcoin Hacker Dark Web Marketplace James Zhong Money Laundering Cryptocurrency

US convicts a Bitcoin hacker who stole from a dark web market

The US government announced the conviction of the notorious bitcoin hacker known as James Zhong earlier this week. The accused is known for stealing about 50,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road dark web marketplace. Earlier this month, Zhong pled guilty to money laundering crimes that exploited a withdrawal processing vulnerability that enabled him to get...
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DeFi Cryptocurrency Team Finance Stolen Funds Digital Asset Hackers Vulnerability Etherscan

DeFi platform Team Finance announced losing $14.5M to hackers

A vulnerability in a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform, Team Finance, allowed threat actors to steal over $14.5 million of digital assets, resulting in the backlash of people affected by the incident. According to the DeFi platform’s statement, they discovered that the hackers had begun the attack on the morning of October 27, at around 2...
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Cloud Dev Platforms Cryptomining GitHub Heroku Buddy Works Brand Abuse Purpleurchin Threat Group

Cloud dev platforms abused in a massive cryptomining campaign

Three of the most used cloud development platforms, GitHub, Heroku, and Buddy Works, have been abused by a threat group called ‘Purpleurchin’ for cryptomining campaigns. In this campaign, the threat actors rely on the limited resources provided by the cloud dev platforms to gain income from each free account, generating large amounts when combined. Over...
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Mango Markets Digital Asset Cryptocurrency Hacked Flash Loan Attack

Mango Markets lost over $100M to hackers via a flash loan attack

More than $100 million was stolen from a cryptocurrency trading site called Mango Markets when a threat actor executed a flash loan attack against the platform. Researchers believe this incident is one of the biggest crypto thefts in the digital asset scene today. On October 12, Mango Markets shared on their Twitter account that a...
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Scam Websites Vector Water Labbu Threat Group Hijack Crypto Asset Funds

Scam websites vector for Water Labbu group to hijack crypto funds

A newly discovered threat group called Water Labbu has been hijacking crypto scam websites organised and managed by scammers. This new campaign aims to deploy compromised JavaScript into sites to steal cryptocurrency funds from targets. Recently, the Water Labbu breached into fake DApp websites and injected the malicious JavaScript code inside the website’s HTML source...
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Cryptojackers OneDrive Sideloading Cyberattack Campaigns

Cryptojackers used OneDrive sideloading for attack campaigns

A newly discovered OneDrive sideloading campaign by cryptojackers was spotted by researchers abusing a vulnerability on OneDrive that allows them to bypass security detections. A cybersecurity research firm monitored similar instances from May to July. The company observed roughly 700 cases of DLL sideloading campaigns that abuse known flaws. The malicious campaign utilises four crypto-mining...
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Fake Phantom NFT Malware Steal Assets Solana Users Cryptocurrency

Fake Phantom NFTs carried malware to steal from Solana users

Solana cryptocurrency owners are the recent targets of a new cyberattack campaign aiming to spread password-stealing malware to steal digital assets. The hackers in this new campaign send fake alerts via airdropping NFTs to the targets about a new Phantom wallet security update, luring them into installing malware on their devices. The Solana crypto users...
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Lazarus Threat Gang Fake Crypto Job Offers Malware

Lazarus gang utilises fake crypto job offers to drop malware

Developers within the cryptocurrency industry are warned about a new threat campaign involving the Lazarus gang utilising fake career offers in the platform, aiming to hack, drop malware, and steal digital assets from their victims. Being one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms,’s aspiring applicants, such as developers, are suitable targets for...
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