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Phishing Campaign Masquerade Trezor Wallet Brand Abuse Cryptocurrency

Phishing campaign masquerade as Trezor wallet to deceive targets

A new phishing campaign impersonates Trezor and distributes data breach notifications to fool targets and steal cryptocurrency assets. Trezor is a hardware crypto wallet that users could use to store their cryptocurrency funds offline in cloud-based wallets or apps. This hardware crypto wallet could add protection from malware and infected devices since it is not...
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Parallax RAT Remote Access Trojan Malware Operator Cryptocurrency Windows

The Parallax RAT operators set eyes on cryptocurrency firms

Security experts warn cryptocurrency platforms about a new campaign delivering the Parallax remote access trojan (RAT) to infiltrate networks, collect files, record keystrokes, and take screenshots. This RAT was first seen in 2020, delivered via COVID-19 lures, and has targeted sectors, including aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, and defence. Intriguingly, in this campaign, the threat operators use...
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Cracked Software Piracy Final Cut Pro Mac OS Cryptominers Monero

Cracked Final Cut Pro targets Mac users with cryptominers

A new cryptomining malware operation has utilised a pirated version of Final Cut Pro to target macOS users with malware that could bypass antivirus solutions. Based on reports, the researchers discovered that the malicious strain spreads via torrent and executes the XMRig utility that mines for Monero. Moreover, the malware operator allegedly created macOS apps...
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Miscreants Devised Exploit YouTube Crypto Scams

Miscreants devised an exploit for YouTube to deploy crypto scams

A recent study showed a new crypto scam campaign that uses fake YouTube videos to let the attackers lure their victims. These phoney YouTube videos endorse fraudulent web-based applications for USDT that deceives users into joining sketchy crypto investment scams. Based on reports, the massive cryptocurrency scam operation was executed by more than 30 threat...
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Lazarus Threat Group Mixer Stolen Cryptocurrency

Lazarus group used a new mixer to hide millions of stolen crypto

North Korea-backed hackers, Lazarus group, is currently using a new mixer to hide approximately $100 million worth of stolen cryptocurrency. Based on reports, threat actors have adopted new crypto laundering techniques to bypass security detections. The sudden strictness of law enforcement agencies against illegitimate cryptocurrency transactions has influenced these tactics from the threat actors. Lazarus’...
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Crypto Firms Cyber threats Enigma Infostealer Malware

Crypto firms prone to the threats of Enigma infostealer

Alleged Russian hackers use the Enigma infostealer to target Europeans with fake cryptocurrency job offers. Based on reports, the threat actors use a set of obfuscated loaders that leverage an Intel driver bug to load a compromised driver. This technique reduces the token integrity of MS Defender to avoid security detections. The infection starts with...
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Crypto Drainers Scam Baits Funds Fraud Prevention

Crypto Drainers scam baits targets into giving their funds away

Researchers uncovered a new cryptocurrency campaign called Crypto Drainers, which lures its targeted investors to visit its fake cryptocurrency web pages. Based on reports, the phoney cryptocurrency web pages are where scammers trick unwitting investors into giving away their funds. An investigation revealed that Crypto Drainers are malicious archives that behave like e-skimmers. These pseudo-skimmers...
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Dingo Token Cryptocurrency Online Scam Fraud Prevention CoinMarketCap

Dingo Token could be a new cryptocurrency project scam

Researchers have labelled the newly introduced Dingo Token as a potential scam after showing a feature that enables a project owner to set the trading fees to as much as 99% of the transaction value. These new advisories came after several researchers had noticed this malicious fee change nearly 50 times.   Dingo Token has...
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HeadCrab Malware Redis Servers Crypto Miner

The newly developed HeadCrab malware preys on Redis servers

Threat actors developed the new HeadCrab malware to track vulnerable Redis servers online to build a botnet that could mine the Monero crypto. Researchers disclosed that this evasive malware has already impacted more than 1,200 servers, which are used to look for more targets on the internet. Based on reports, the malware operators exploit the...
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Harmony Horizon Crypto Assets Funds North Korean Hackers APT

Harmony Horizon lost millions of crypto funds to North Korean APTs

The Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed that a couple of North Korea-backed hacking groups were the culprit behind the heist of about $100 million worth of Ethereum from Harmony Horizon last year. Harmony Horizon is a cross-chain vector for Ethereum that experienced a cybersecurity incident in June last year. The breach allowed the attackers to...
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