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Blockchain Music Streaming Audius Hacked Vulnerability Exploit

Blockchain music streaming platform Audius lost over $6M to hackers

Audius, a decentralised music streaming platform that caters to their clients by giving out $AUDIO rewards, had reported a cyberattack incident that allowed hackers to steal more than 18 million tokens from them, which approximately sums to $6 million. Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, the decentralised music streaming site aids musicians in earning $AUDIO tokens...
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Nvidia Brand Abuse Scammers Fake Giveaway Fraud Prevention Fraudsters Fake Websites

Nvidia brand used by scammers to conduct a fake giveaway

Fraudsters exploit a computer graphics processor firm Nvidia to conduct a fake giveaway scam to steal cryptocurrency funds from their targets that bite the bait. A report stated that the scammers are abusing the 30th anniversary of the firm by luring its targets with a 50,000 BTC free giveaway. Based on a recent analysis, the...
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Cryptojacking Cyberattack WatchDog Threat Group Steganography XMRig Cryptocurrency Hacking

The cryptojacking operations of WatchDog included steganography

The WatchDog threat group has been recently observed by researchers hijacking several cryptocurrency wallets, also adding steganography in its attacks. Based on reports, the malicious threat group’s cryptocurrency hijacking (cryptojacking) operation leverage the unique steganography strategy for malware propagation and other compromises. Additionally, the researchers noticed that the XMRig miner was spoofed as an image...
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Azure VM Virtual Machine GitHub Attack Vector Cyypto Mining

Azure VMs and GitHub vector for a new crypto mining campaign

Researchers revealed a cloud-based crypto mining campaign that targets GitHub Actions and the Azure Virtual Machines. This cryptocurrency attack targets repositories and code samples to target users of the earlier mentioned entities. The report on these new observations indicates that more than a thousand repositories and over 500 code samples were observed exploiting the GitHub...
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CuteBoi Cyberattack Campaign Crypto Mining Malware NPM JavaScript Exploit

CuteBoi campaign launched for a massive crypto mining campaign

An unidentified threat group has launched a newly spotted crypto mining campaign called CuteBoi to conduct a malicious attack that targets the NPM JavaScript package repository. Based on the analysis, the threat actors used the term “cute” as a username and was hardcoded in numerous packages and a non-random NPM username. The researchers also noticed...
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Crypto Platform Axie Infinity Compromised Links Spear Phishing Cybersecurity LinkedIn

Crypto platform Axie Infinity links compromise to spear-phishing

From the findings based on Axie Infinity’s cybersecurity compromise last March, researchers disclosed that it could have been initiated from a spear-phishing-based fake LinkedIn employment offer that caused the hack on the popular crypto play-to-earn platform. Since the attack, limited information was released on the investigation, including how the US authorities attributed it to the...
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PennyWise Malware YouTube Crypto Wallets Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Social Engineering

PennyWise malware is spread via YouTube to steal crypto wallets

Security researchers have recently observed multiple samples of the PennyWise malware, as dubbed by its developers. The malware was considered an active threat due to its movements in the threat landscape, including stealing browser data and crypto assets from its victims. Based on an analysis of the PennyWise malware, its operators spread it through the...
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Microsoft Threat Warning 8220 Crypto Mining Threat Group Linux

Microsoft warns users regarding the 8220 mining group

The Microsoft company has released a threat advisory regarding a mining gang called 8220 that targets the Linux operating system. Moreover, this newly discovered threat group has been seen installing crypto-mining malware. According to the researchers, the adversary was spotted with an updated malware campaign that included a new strain of IRC bot and a...
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Crema Finance DeFi Cryptocurrency Hackers Cyberattack Flash Loan Stolen Funds

Crema Finance DeFi firm announced losing millions to hackers

A popular DeFi (decentralised finance) platform, Crema Finance, had revealed suffering from a cyberattack that allowed hackers to steal over $8.8 million from them. The hackers had allegedly executed a series of flash loan attacks against the DeFi firm, which experts said to be a common tactic performed by cryptocurrency threat actors. Crema Finance had...
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AstraLocker Shutting Down Cryptojacking Malware Ransomware Threat Group

AstraLocker announced shutting down to shift to cryptojacking

A few days after the AstraLocker ransomware released its second version, its threat operators announced that they would shut down to switch to cryptojacking instead. Moreover, the developer of AstraLocker had surrendered a ZIP file to security researchers, which consisted of the ransomware’s decryptor, aiming to aid them in threat analysis. To test whether the...
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