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RansomHouse Ransomware Operation Disruption Colombia South America Healthcare Keralty

RansomHouse ransomware cripples Colombia’s healthcare system

The RansomHouse ransomware group compromised the Keralty multinational organisation in Colombia last week. Based on an investigation, the healthcare system has suffered disrupted websites and operations, including its subsidiaries. Keralty is a healthcare provider in Colombia that runs an international network of about 12 hospitals and 371 medical centres in numerous countries, such as the...
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Hotels Travel Agency TA558 Threat Group Latin America Western Europe North America Impersonation Phishing

Hotels and travel firms targeted by the TA558 threat group

A significant rise in the activity of a threat group dubbed TA558 had been detected by security researchers, with their activities mostly directed at phishing campaigns against hotels and travel firms. In this discovery, TA558 was seen using 15 different malware strains to gain access to the targeted systems, spy on the victims, and steal...
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PLAY Ransomware Cyberattack Córdoba Argentina Judiciary Court Government

PLAY ransomware attacked an Argentinian judiciary court

The Judiciary of Córdoba in Argentina has temporarily shut down its IT systems after experiencing an attack from the PLAY ransomware group. The attack happened last week, resulting in the sector’s decision to take down its IT systems and online portals. The decision also forced its staff to use a manual transaction for submitting official...
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APT29 Exploit Cloud Storage Services Dropbox Google Drive HTML Smuggling Russian Hackers Phishing

APT29 exploited cloud storage services Dropbox and Google Drive

A Russian state-sponsored threat group called APT29 exploits cloud services, such as DropBox and Google Drive, in their cybercriminal activities to bypass security detections. Based on reports, the adversary abuses the users’ compliance with well-known cloud storage to make their attacks elusive and efficient. The advanced persistent threat (APT) group has employed this new strategy...
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Australia Trading Firm ACY Securities Forex Broker Exposed Database User Data

Australian security trading firm, ACY Securities, had exposed users’ data

A Sydney-based trading company, ACY Securities, has accidentally exposed their users and businesses’ financial and personal data online for public usage. However, the company did not mind the issue and stated that the exposed dataset was a minor problem. The current database exposure owned by the ACY Securities is due to a misconfigured database. The...
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Android SMSFactory Malware Mobile Apps Malvertisements Paid APKFree APKMods

Android users across multiple countries targeted by SMSFactory malware

Researchers published a new advisory regarding a current campaign by an Android malware called SMSFactory. The malware operators compromise their victim’s status by subscribing them to premium services without their consent. The malware has already compromised over 170,000 Avast clients, with victims originating most of the victims were in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, and Argentina....
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Foxconn Mexico Factory Cyberattack Unknown Ransomware Group LockBit South America

Foxconn factory allegedly attacked by an unknown ransomware group

A malicious threat group claimed that it had infiltrated the systems of a well-known factory in Mexico called Foxconn. The cybercriminal group, which seems to be a ransomware group, threatens to leak its stolen data if the company does not pay its asked ransom. The Foxconn company is located inside the city of Tijuana, which...
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Trojan-PSW Small Businesses 2022 Trojan Password Stealing Ware Password Stealer Cyberattacks

Trojan-PSW becomes prevalent among small businesses for 2022

A recent assessment revealed how small businesses globally had been victimised by increased cyberattacks in the past years, including password-stealing malware. Trojan-PSW, or Trojan Password Stealing Ware, was included in the detailed assessment, showing an uptick in its activities against small businesses for the first quarter of 2022. Researchers concluded that password stealers, specifically the...
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Conti Threat Gang Costa Rica Cyberattack National Emergency Data Leak Government Entities

Conti threat gang strikes Costa Rica, causing a national emergency

Multiple government entities in Costa Rica were hit by cyberattacks done by the Conti ransomware group, ensuing in the assertion of a national emergency. Cybersecurity experts have also found about 672GB worth of government agencies’ data owned by Costa Rica dumped on the threat group’s dark web leak site. On May 8th, Costa Rica’s newly...
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Upgraded BlackByte Ransomware Malware

Upgraded BlackByte ransomware discovered on its new samples

Cybersecurity researchers have published a new advisory regarding the notorious BlackByte ransomware group. The advisory includes information and assessment regarding the newly discovered BlackByte samples from the group’s recent attacks. Based on reports, the analysts responsible for examining the group’s behaviour discovered several variants of BlackByte ransomware circulating in the wild. The variants are coded...
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