Central Asia

Central Asia
Hoya Corporation Cyberattack Optical Products Data Compromise

Hoya Corporation experienced disruptions due to a cyberattack

April 8, 2024

Hoya Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical…

Vietnam Coral Raider Hackers Malware Attacks Data Theft

Hackers from Vietnam launched data theft campaign across Asia

April 5, 2024

A sophisticated threat group originating from Vietnam has unleashed a…

PandaBuy Data Breach ECommerce Hacking Cyberattack Data Theft

1.3M users affected by the PandaBuy data breach

April 2, 2024

The PandaBuy online shopping platform has become the latest victim…

Earth Krahang Cyber Espionage APT China Spear Phishing

Earth Krahang targets government sectors with cyber espionage

March 22, 2024

A new cyber espionage campaign orchestrated by a Chinese Advanced…

Handala Hack Cybercriminals Viber Data Theft

Handala Hack group claims to steal Viber’s source code

March 20, 2024

A malicious hacking group called Handala Hack claimed they had…

Fujitsu Cyberattack Data Breach Malware Technology

Fujitsu alerts customers amidst malware discovery

March 19, 2024

Japanese technology powerhouse Fujitsu has recently announced a cybersecurity incident,…

Ho Chi Minh City BlackCat Ransomware Data Breach Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Power faces a BlackCat ransomware attack

March 12, 2024

The notorious BlackCat ransomware group has targeted the Ho Chi…

Sapphire Sleet Cybercrime IT Job Seekers Threat Campaign

A new Sapphire Sleet cybercrime operation targets IT job seekers

March 4, 2024

The notorious North Korea-linked advanced persistent threat group Sapphire Sleet…

North Korea ScarCruft Phishing Cybercriminals Data Theft

ScarCruft resurfaces and targets North Korean affairs experts

February 26, 2024

A revitalised cybercriminal operation from the North Korea-sponsored ScarCruft group…

R00TK1T Hacktivist Malaysia Firms Government

R00TK1T targets Malaysian firms and government entities

February 12, 2024

In an announcement on their communication channel, the notorious hacktivist…