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Telegram Bot Hackers Data Stealer WooCommerce Website Protection Credit Card Skimmer CMS

Telegram bot used by hackers to steal data from WooCommerce sites

Hackers deploying Telegram bot to steal troves of data from WooCommerce websites have been found. These malicious adversaries used credit card skimmers, leading to several cases of credit card theft reported on an eCommerce site. The first scenario is that a website owner received numerous complaints from customers who reported faulty transactions on their cards...
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Botnet Fronton Widescale Social Media Events Facebook Twitter

A botnet dubbed Fronton can manipulate widescale social media events

The Russian FSB has allegedly procured a sophisticated botnet that can launch harmful DDoS attacks and manipulate trending social media topics across all platforms. These findings are from a report following security experts’ analysis of documents stolen from a Russian government contractor previously victimised by the ‘Digital Revolution’ hacktivist group in March 2020. From the...
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Verified Users Twitter Email Phishing Online Scam Fraud Prevention Social Media

Verified users on Twitter get targeted by email phishing scams

Verified user accounts on Twitter are warned about an ongoing phishing campaign which aims to steal account credentials. Those verified users on Twitter have a blue checkmark or badge beside their names, indicating their status as celebrities, politicians, and other figures representing their distinction. All verified users must submit a list of their information for...
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Hackers Steal Accounts Facebook Phishing Email Campaign Cybercrime Social Media

Hackers try to steal Facebook accounts via an ongoing phishing campaign

Facebook users and page admins are warned of an ongoing phishing attack where threat actors attempt to steal their account passwords. In the campaign, the attack operators send a phishing email to their victims, impersonating the Facebook team and informing the user about their accounts or pages being disabled due to violating some terms of...
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Video Conferencing Monitoring Noises Despite Muting Webex Cisco

Video-conferencing apps found monitoring noises despite users muting

Some academic researchers reported and warned that the Webex video-conferencing application owned by Cisco, and others, still monitor users’ microphone devices even if they have muted it from their end. The researchers also added that the telemetry data that the application transmits to user servers could be used to identify background activities happening from the...
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Meta Facebook User Accounts Espionage Cyberattack Campaign Ukraine

Meta disrupts accounts operating espionage campaigns against Ukraine

Meta reveals disrupting the malicious operations of numerous Russian and Belarusian threat actors that targeted Ukraine via espionage campaigns in the past two months. The campaign is reported to have originated from government-linked groups in Russia and Belarus that actively launches cyber espionage operations against many sectors in Ukraine. According to Meta, they have eliminated...
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Malicious Links Telegram Compromised Accounts Social Media Cyberattacks

Malicious links are sent to Telegram users to take over their accounts

Users of Telegram accounts are not safe anymore after Ukraine’s technical security and intelligence service released a warning that a new wave of cyberattacks is targeting them using malicious links. These malicious links are sent to Telegram recipients via a fake warning that a login attempt had been detected from a device in Russia and...
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Meta Facebook Fake Persona Misinformation Spread Russia Ukraine Fake News Campaigns Threat Actors

Meta blocked personas that spread Russian-Ukraine fake news campaigns

According to Meta, formerly known as Facebook, they have detected and blocked two simulated disinformation attacks about the current geopolitical crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Meta confirmed that cybercriminal groups in Russia and Ukraine are behind the fake news campaigns that target Ukrainians. Based on a post of Meta’s head of security, they have already...
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Raccoon Stealer Malware Telegram Infection Chain InfoStealer Social Media

Raccoon Stealer abuses Telegram to spread infection on victims’ devices

The operators of Raccoon Stealer are discovered abusing Telegram to store and update C2 addresses and distribute the infostealer to compromised devices. The stealer has included the function that updates its C2 addresses on the chat app. Based on reports, the latest version of Raccoon Stealer communicates with its command-and-control (C2) server by utilising Telegram....
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Microsoft Store Brand Abuse Electron Bot Hack Social Media Accounts SEO Poisoning Malware

Microsoft Store abused by Electron Bot to hack social media accounts

An SEO poisoning malware called Electron Bot has been hacking social media accounts, including SoundCloud, Facebook, and Google, by impersonating games found in the Microsoft Store like Subway Surfer and Temple Run. Researchers noted that the bot also allows the threat actors to control the compromised devices. Based on the analysis, Electron Bot can be...
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