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Social Media Vidar Stealer Infostealer Malware Detection Bypass Steam Tiktok Mastodon Telegram

Social platforms manipulated by Vidar Stealer to bypass defences

Another information stealer malware dubbed Vidar stealer has emerged, equipped with advanced capabilities to manipulate social media platforms as an arbitrator command-and-control server. This newly emerged infostealer followed the recently discovered new malware distribution methodology from the BitRAT operators. According to researchers, the Vidar Stealer is constantly making disposable social media accounts from multiple platforms...
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Twitter Social Media Data Leak Vulnerability Exploit Data Protection Flaw Abuse User Accounts

Twitter refutes that the recent data leak came from an exploit

The social media company, Twitter, has finally published a statement regarding the leaked dataset of email addresses from hundreds of millions of users. According to the social media platform, the spread and sold data online from their company was not a result of exploiting a vulnerability within their systems. According to their investigation, no evidence...
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Facebook Social Media Phishing Fraudsters Credential Stealing Social Engineering Impersonation

Another Facebook-related attack aimed to conduct phishing

Researchers discovered another Facebook-related attack from unknown threat actors that led to credential loss of targeted victims. Based on reports, the attackers have leveraged the Facebook copyright infringement notices to harvest credentials for numerous users. The hackers have been spreading fake Facebook copyright infringement notices to deceive users, which could fall victim to their scheme...
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Malware Impersonates YouTube Bot Data Stealer

Malware impersonates a YouTube bot to steal data

Malware operators are currently spreading a malicious YouTube bot that could artificially increase the rankings of videos on the streaming platform and steal critical data from browsers. Based on reports, the bot retrieves commands from a command-and-control server for other illegal actions. Researchers discovered that the actors launched the YouTube bot malware as a 32-bit...
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Meta Facebook Social Media Take Down Spyware Malicious Vendors US Ukraine UK

Meta shuts down the infrastructure of numerous spyware vendors

Meta said in a recent disclosure that it hunted down and blocked the infrastructure of numerous spyware vendors from various countries, including China, Russia, India, Israel, and the US. These malicious vendors targeted tens of thousands of individuals across 200 countries, operating since at least 2017. In a published post last December 15, Meta said...
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US Maryland State Agencies TikTok Social Media Cyber Threat

US’ Maryland bans state agencies from accessing TikTok

One of the states in the US has banned the use of TikTok and other Russian and Chinese products by its agencies. Lawmakers executed the ban after some news broke out where Chinese-linked actors stole millions from COVID funds in the US. The state announced that these Chinese-affiliated agencies pose an unacceptable level of cybersecurity...
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Viral Challenge TikTok Social Media Brand Abuse WASP Malware Threat Actors

A viral challenge on TikTok abused by WASP malware actors

The WASP malware operators are exploiting the “Invisible Body Challenge” on the video-sharing platform called TikTok to deploy infostealer. Based on reports, the malware could steal passwords, Discord accounts, and credit card information kept on crypto wallets and browsers. Moreover, WASP could file from an infected device. According to investigations, the target of the infostealing...
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Mobile Numbers Data Leak WhatsApp Sold Dark Web

Millions of mobile numbers of WhatsApp users sold online

About 500 million mobile numbers owned by WhatsApp instant messaging app users were said to be sold by an unknown hacker on underground forums. According to the hacker that posted the ad, the alleged WhatsApp mobile numbers were fresh data that is not older than 2022. The sold database contained exactly 487 million phone numbers...
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Meta Employees Fired Hijacking FB Instagram User Accounts

Meta employees fired for hijacking FB and Instagram accounts

The big-time social media company Meta is said to have sent several employees into disciplinary actions and fired a dozen more for allegedly compromising and hijacking user accounts. Based on reports, these employees have taken over numerous user accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the company also fired some of the waived employees that were...
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Social Media Platforms Temporarily Banned Turkey Blast

Social media platforms temporarily banned after Turkey blast

Numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube were suspended after the Turkish government restricted its citizens from complying with the nationwide broadcast ban. The suspension was executed after reports of a bomb blast within one of Istanbul’s busy streets began circulating on the internet last week. The Turkish explosion is...
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