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LinkedIn SmartLink Phishing Attack Social Media

LinkedIn Smart Link utilised for phishing attack distribution

The LinkedIn Smart Link is currently exploited by phishing operators, aiming to avoid the security features of a targeted system and redirect victims to phishing pages that could steal payment information. Researchers explained that Smart Link is a functionality reserved for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Enterprise users. This feature could enable the mentioned individuals to...
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Twitter Flaw Vulnerability Logging Out User Accounts Social Media

A Twitter flaw disables users from logging out of their accounts

A Twitter flaw was reported by concerned social media users, involving some Twitter accounts being unable to be logged out from other devices despite having the passwords changed. According to the report, if a user has changed their Twitter account password but still has an open session on another device, the platform will not stop...
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Facebook Meta Page Owners Phishing Social Media Fraud Prevention

Facebook page owners targeted by phishing operators

Phishing operators aim at Facebook page owners, with recent reports revealing that the phishers are sending fake notices from the social media giant to entice them to expose sensitive information. In this report, the attackers are creating a lead generation form through the Meta Ads Manager. They include the link in their phishing email to...
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Fake Instagram Blue Badges Hackers Social Media Phishing Fraud Prevention

Fake Instagram blue badges offered by hackers to lure victims

Instagram users are targeted by a new phishing campaign that baits them through a fake offer of blue check badges on their accounts. These blue badges indicate that a user account is an authentic page of a public figure, a brand, or a high-profile personality; thus, many people are interested in obtaining one. This new...
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Meta Facebook Cyberespionage Malware Social Media APT36 Bitter APT Social Engineering

Meta dismantles cyberespionage operations targeting Facebook

Meta had recently disrupted two cross-platform cyberespionage campaigns after discovering that these operations have leveraged Facebook to propagate malware. The threat disruption operation on the social media platform came after Meta noticed several policy violations done by two hacking groups for cyberespionage attacks. One of the two state-backed groups hunted down by Meta was the...
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Bots Discord Telegram Social Media Chat Malware Infostealer Threat Actors Trojan

Bots from Discord and Telegram apps are used to spread malware

Threat actors reportedly leverage Discord and Telegram bots to spread malware and steal sensitive data from victims. Most of the attacks observed by researchers in this campaign were targeted against two of the most popular gaming platforms, Roblox and Minecraft. For instance, the content delivery network (CDN) on the Discord platform has been used for...
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Researchers Spotted 3000 Apps Leak Twitter API Keys

Researchers spotted over 3,000 apps that leak Twitter API Keys

There are more than 3,000 mobile apps that threat actors can utilise to obtain unauthorised access to Twitter accounts. A cybersecurity firm revealed that the account takeover was possible because of a leaked authentic Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Information. The researchers unveiled that out of the 3,200 applications, 230 are leaking four authentication credentials...
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Ducktail Phishing Campaign Victim LinkedIn Professionals Fraudsters

The new Ducktail campaign victimises LinkedIn professionals

LinkedIn professionals have become the newest target of threat actors that leverage the job hunting platform in their attacks. Dubbed ‘Ducktail,’ experts explained that the attackers victimise their targets to hack their Facebook business accounts that manage advertising for their companies. The Ducktail campaign has a specialised scope of targets since the attackers have to...
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Over 5.4M Twitter User Accounts For Sale Hacking Forum Dark Web Fraud Prevention Social Media

Over 5.4M Twitter accounts were posted for sale in a hacking forum

Twitter, a popular social networking platform, has previously been found with a now-patched vulnerability that opened a way for hackers to steal and leak the data of over 5.4 million Twitter users. Based on the observations, the stolen data containing massive Twitter users’ information was posted for sale on a hacking forum. Researchers first identified...
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A new WhatsApp scam offers fake job opportunities to defraud victims

WhatsApp fraudsters have expanded their scam campaigns by defrauding job hunters that aspire to be employed in the UK. The threat actors spoof an agent from the UK government that offers free visas and other work benefits to people willing to fly to the country for work. These fraudsters use the WhatsApp social messaging app...
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