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Malware Variant Typhon Infostealer Typhon Reborn Infostealer

A new variant for the Typhon stealer has recently emerged

The Typhon stealer operators have unveiled a new malware variant with modified and improved capabilities. The new malware variant is called Typhon Reborn, which has an upgraded anti-analysis feature and several new techniques. According to investigations, the newly emerged variant has improved its stealing ability and file-snatching functions since it has better configurable options than...
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Xenomorph Banking Trojan Google Play Store Android Dropper

Xenomorph banking trojan has snuck inside Google Play Store

A research team spotted the Xenomorph banking trojan inside some applications on the Google Play Store. This incident is yet another case of a malicious app that has successfully infiltrated the trusted source for downloading applications. Cybercriminals have repeatedly found new methods to bypass the defences present in the platform, which caused significant alarms within...
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Vultur Banking Trojan Google Play Store Android Financial Malware Mobile App

Vultur banking trojan reaches 100K downloads on the Play Store

The Vultur banking trojan currently gathered around 100,000 downloads from Android users on Google Play Store. This banking trojan has effectively targeted Android users by hiding behind a fake utility app that has been downloaded numerous times. The malicious entity has successfully bypassed the Google Play Store’s security features since it only used limited permissions...
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Fakecalls Mobile Malware South Korea Android Banking Trojan Vishing

Fakecalls malware are spread against South Korean Android users

The ‘Fakecalls’ banking malware was seen being spread against Android users in South Korea after security researchers spotted a phishing campaign from its threat actors. According to the reports, the campaign starts with a fake Google Play Store website where the victims are tricked into downloading the banking malware. Over a thousand Fakecalls malware samples...
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Robin Banks PhaaS Phishing Cyberattack Campaigns Banking Finance Threat Actors

Robin Banks PhaaS is back to continue its disrupted campaigns

Recent reports show that the phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) platform dubbed Robin Banks returns after facing operational disruption last July, with a new infrastructure hosted by an internet firm in Russia. In July 2022, Robin Banks’ operations were exposed by security researchers, resulting in their front-end and back-end being blacklisted. The malicious platform has targeted many financial...
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Typosquatting Malicious Domains DNS Brand Protection Malware Propagation Fake Websites DNS Intelligence

Typosquatting domains imitating brands are seen pushing malware

More than 200 typosquatting domains have been recently identified, imitating 27 different brands to lure victims and trick them into downloading malware on their devices. The investigation of the identified campaign shows that the malicious sites are convincing in appearance; thus, the operators are likely successful in victimising people. In a typosquatting campaign, the hackers...
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India Banking Financial Malware Trojan Drinik Android Mobile Phishing

Indian banks get targeted by the Drinik Android malware

18 Indian banks are currently targeted by a new strain of Drinik Android malware. Investigations revealed that the new malware variant impersonates India’s tax management application to steal personal data and banking information. The Drinik authors have developed their backdoor as a full-pledged Android banking trojan that could execute screen recording, overlay attacks, and keylogging...
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Threat Actors Vishing Phishing Copybara Malware Social Engineering Android Italy

Threat actors used vishing in campaigns to deploy malware

Threat actors used another threat campaign called voice phishing (vishing) to deceive victims into installing their malware on the targeted devices. A security research firm stated that they had found a network of phishing sites that targets Italian online-banking users. The adversaries create sites to harvest contact details from their victims. The campaign was called...
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Credit Card Data Dump Biden Cash Free Data Leak Dark Web Clearnet Underground Forums Banking Fraud Prevention

Over 1.2M credit card data dumped by BidenCash online for free

In the most recent news concerning the dark web carding marketplace ‘BidenCash,’ researchers revealed that the platform had published over 1.2 million credit card data for free public consumption, aiming to promote their carding marketplace and services. Launched in June 2022, BidenCash sells stolen credit card data on the dark web through several methods, such...
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Infostealing Malware India Banking Fake Rewards Mobile Apps SMiShing Phishing

Infostealing malware spread via fake Indian banking rewards apps

Indian banks are currently targeted by an SMS-based phishing attack that contains an infostealing malware that portrays itself as a banking rewards application. Researchers stated that the phishing messages had links that guided unsuspecting targets to a malicious website that triggered the download of the fake banking rewards app for ICICI Bank. In addition, the...
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