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Ransomware Strains North Korea Hacker Gang APT38 Beaf ChiChi PXJ ZZZZ Extortion

Several ransomware strains are being attributed to the Korean gang APT38

Researchers have attributed the North Korean-based advanced persistent threat group APT38 to multiple ransomware strains currently circulating in cyberspace. Many cybersecurity experts consider these threat actors a subgroup of the notorious Lazarus APT. APT38 has been linked to multiple cyberattacks and fund stealing incidents against numerous financial institutions worldwide. A researcher claimed that the threat...
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Fake Job Offers NFT Artists Attack Vector Infostealer Malware Fraud Prevention Social Engineering

Fake job offers for NFT artists vector to spread infostealer malware

A new infostealer campaign that targets NFT artists has been discovered circulating in the non-fungible token landscape. In Japan, the users of creator-oriented online platforms such as Pixiv and DeviantArt are getting phoney job offers that contain messages from individuals that impersonate Cyberpunk APE executives’ NFTs. Researchers indicated that these new baits spread across the...
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Credit Card Stealing Card Skimming Russian Hackers Dark Web E Commerce CaramelCorp

A credit card stealing service propagates to aid Russian hackers

Threat actors, even those who do not have the advanced skills in propagating cybercrime, can easily perform financial fraud through credit card stealing services. A vital part of this service is for credit card skimming campaigns, where e-commerce sites are hacked and injected with malicious scripts that could compromise the financial data of the customers...
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Sri Lanka Online Payment PayHere Cyberattack Data Breach

Sri Lankan payment gateway PayHere suffered from a cyberattack

A Sri Lankan payment gateway service provider called PayHere has suffered a data breach attack reported last April 2, 2022. According to researchers, the attack has caused the website of PayHere to go offline after the unidentified threat actors warned to leak the firm’s stolen data and source code. Based on the threat actors’ claims,...
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LockBit Ransomware Finance Banking Rio de Janeiro South America Malware Data Breach Cyberattack

LockBit ransomware targeted the finance department of Rio de Janeiro

The finance state secretary of Rio de Janeiro confirmed that they dealt with the LockBit ransomware attack last week. Reports said that the ransomware group claimed to have targeted the systems connected to the Brazilian government, resulting in the loss of 420GB worth of data. The group intends to leak the stolen data in the...
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ZingoStealer Information Stealer InfoStealer Malware Haskers Threat Group

ZingoStealer is the newest information stealer in town

A new infostealer dubbed ZingoStealer operated by the Haskers threat group is a new stealer malware with a powerful data-stealing capability and a feature that loads additional payloads. The new malware could also mine the Monero cryptocurrency. The Haskers threat group attempted to offer the new malware to other threat actors under two options based...
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Social Engineering Tactics Online Fraud Scam Fraudsters Payment App SMS

Social engineering tactics used by fraudsters to trick payment app users

Numerous fraudsters are trying to deceive US-based users of digital payment apps into making quick cash transfers in social engineering attacks using SMS messages with phoney bank fraud alerts. The FBI warned the public about the circulating scam. In the public service announcement, the agency stated that the threat actors would contact the victims who responded to...
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Android Accessibility Features Octo Banking Trojan Mobile Malware

Android accessibility features exploited by the Octo banking trojan

The Octo banking trojan is currently abusing the accessibility features inside Android devices, which can breach and put malicious apps in Play Store. The rouge Android apps exist inside the app store that threat actors use to target financial agencies and banks. According to researchers, the droppers are disguised as legitimate apps and are meant to launch...
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Lightning Stealer Infostealer Corporate Devices Malware Cyber Threat Cybersecurity

Lightning Stealer is the newest infostealer circulating across corporate devices

A new infostealer malware called Lightning Stealer has been discovered by cybersecurity researchers circulating in the wild. Based on reports, this latest addition to the threat landscape poses a significant threat as threat actors can utilise it to acquire initial access to targeted corporate networks. According to the research team who identified the malware, the...
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Android Mobile Phone Users Unidentified Spyware Malware Turla Threat Group

Android users targeted by a new unidentified spyware

A previously unidentified Android spyware has been discovered by researchers targeting Android users to steal their essential and critical information. Researchers explained that the spyware’s infrastructure is identical to a Russian threat group known as Turla. However, they could not yet attribute the spyware campaign to the Russian-speaking group since the researchers still lack sufficient...
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