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Xenomorph Android Malware Financial Trojan Mobile Data Stealer Banking Malware

Xenomorph Android malware armed with more refined features

Researchers have spotted the newest version of the Xenomorph Android malware equipped with more advanced cyberattack capabilities. According to reports, Xenomorph’s third version has an automated transfer system (ATS) framework that helps it hack and steal data from targets more effectively. First identified last year in February, the malware’s first version was hidden within applications...
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Euler Finance UK Crypto Asset Cyberattack Flash Loan Attack Stolen Funds Cryptocurrency Exploit

Euler Finance lost millions of dollars from a cyberattack

Euler Finance, a lending protocol firm, suffered a cryptocurrency flash loan attack earlier this week. Reports revealed that the threat actors had stolen nearly $200 million of digital assets. The crypto theft involved multiple tokens, such as DAT, WBTC, USDC, and stETH. Fortunately, authorities are currently tracking the attacker’s ETH wallet for storing the stolen...
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Hatch Bank Fintech Digital Banking GoAnywhere MFT Data Breach Ransomware

Hatch Bank gets impacted following the GoAnywhere MFT breach

The recent cyberattack against Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT secure file-sharing platform has affected other firms utilising the service, including the fintech banking platform ‘Hatch Bank.’ After being notified of the GoAnywhere MFT hack, Hatch Bank found that unauthorised actors had accessed its files stored on the file-sharing platform. Hatch Bank provides banking services to its customers,...
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Investment Scam Fraud Prevention Scammers Digital Smoke Worldwide Spoofing Impersonation

An investment fraud scam, Digital Smoke, operates worldwide

Researchers discovered a new massive investment fraud scam network called Digital Smoke, with an ongoing operation targeting everyone. A new report warns people about this scam since this operation has already cost millions of individuals more than $3 billion last year. Unfortunately, more and more people are getting scammed by this campaign despite the efforts...
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Bangladeshi Hackers Hacking Group Cyberthreat India Banking DDOS Vulnerability

A Bangladesh-based hacking group posed threats to Indian firms

Numerous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have been detected against different banking institutions in India, according to a recent discovery by our threat researchers in iZOOlogic. The series of attacks on Indian firms and news publishers began last February, accomplished by the ‘Team Mysterious Bangladesh’ group. The initial attacks happened on February 10, when the Team...
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BidenCash Database Dump Credit Card Data Dark Web Carding Market Skimming

BidenCash celebrated its anniversary by dumping credit card data

One of the most notorious dark web carding markets, BidenCash, has shared a third credit card dump that contains data of about 2 million users. Our researchers from iZOOlogic discovered that most of these dumped credit cards came from web skimmers. The dark web carding market exposed this data for their celebratory promotion. Their anniversary...
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Platypus DeFi Crypto Digital Assets Flash Loan Attack Blockchain Finance Stolen Funds

The Platypus DeFi lost over $8.5M of assets to flash loan operators

Platypus, a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform, revealed that unknown threat actors have managed to nick over $8.5 million in cryptocurrency funds from them. Known as a “flash loan attack,” the hackers borrowed a huge amount of crypto from the firm and used it to manipulate the prices of digital assets until they could dump it...
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Financial Application Mobile App Money Lover Exposed Data Bug Vulnerability Information Leak

Financial application, Money Lover, exposed transaction data

The Money Lover financial app for Windows, Android, and iOS suffered a bug that allowed any logged-in user to peek at the email addresses and live transaction metadata for other users’ shared wallets. This finance application could allow users to manage their budgets and expenses. The app has garnered five million downloads on Play Store...
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Prilex PoS Malware Contactless Payments Tampered Machines Credit Card

The upgraded Prilex PoS malware can block contactless payments

Threat actors have recently upgraded the Prilex point-of-sale (PoS) malware to block NFC-enabled contactless credit card transactions that could force people to insert credit cards inside malware-infected machines. Credit card users have found contactless NFC transactions trouble-free since it allows them to complete close-proximity payment transactions through credit cards, smartphones, or smartwatches. Especially since the...
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WordPress CMS Financial Malware Website Protection Database Injection Cyberattacks Vulnerability

WordPress sites susceptible to database injection attacks

A new cybercriminal operation exploits WordPress sites to redirect users to malicious websites such as adult dating, phishing, drive-by-downloads, and tech support scams. The threat actors operating this attack ensured that their malicious payloads could bypass detections through multiple redirects and legitimate downloads.   Numerous WordPress sites became the vector for payload propagation.   Based...
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