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Ransomware Payments Australia Ban Policy Enforcement

Ransomware payments in Australia are in plans to be banned

Australia’s government recently said they plan to ban ransomware victims from paying the ransom demands from threat actors to destabilise cybercrime incidents in the country. A part of this plan is to criminalise ransomware extortion payments and penalise companies that pay money to threat actors. The recent cyberattack incidents in Australia ignited the government’s idea...
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NCSC Scans All Internet Exposed Devices UK Europe

NCSC scans all internet-exposed devices in the UK

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has started scanning all internet-exposed devices hosted in the UK to identify vulnerabilities. The objective of this government agency is to assess all known British vulnerabilities on how they are prone to cyberattacks and help the compromised device owners understand the importance of cybersecurity. Based on reports,...
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US White House Global Threat Conference Cybercrime Threats

A global conference is set up to address cybercrime threats

Following the White House’s announcement to host officials from 37 countries and 13 companies, a global conference to address the growing global threat of cybercrimes will take place in Washington. Based on the announcement, included in the topics to be discussed are ransomware, illegal use of cryptocurrency, and more. For this year’s conference, many countries...
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Security Breach Penalties Policy Enforcement Australia Data Privacy

New security breach penalties proposed against Australian firms

Australian companies are notified about facing tougher fines for privacy breaches after the country’s Parliament proposed new penalties following the recent security breach incidents on firms that exposed people’s data to threat actors. Reports reveal that the proposed penalties for serious cybersecurity breaches of Australia’s Privacy Act include an increase from 2.2 million AUD to...
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UK Interserve Policy Enforcement Data Breach Cyberattack Regulation Cybersecurity

UK’s Interserve penalised with £4.4M due to a breach incident

UK’s data protection regulator has recently fined the construction firm Interserve £4.4 million or about $5 million after compromising hundreds of thousands of employees’ sensitive data to a ransomware attack. According to a statement from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the penalty was caused by the firm’s failure to apply security measures against cyberattacks. This...
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Deadbolt Ransomware Decryption Keys Police Operation Europe Netherlands

155 Deadbolt decryption keys obtained in a police operation

The Dutch law enforcement authorities have tricked the Deadbolt ransomware operators into giving up 155 decryption keys for their victims during a recent police operation. The operation involved the police paying a ransom via Bitcoin in exchange for the decryption keys. After receiving the keys, the police withdrew the payment before it went through the...
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Black Axe Hacker Gang Cybercriminals Arrested INTERPOL Policy Enforcement

Black Axe gang members arrested in recent INTERPOL operation

A recent INTERPOL operation dubbed ‘Operation Jackal’ resulted in the arrest of 70 suspected members of the Black Axe cybercriminal gang responsible for over $1.8 million in financial fraud. The international law enforcement operation commenced in South Africa between September 26 to 30 of this year. The Black Axe gang is one of the most...
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Malicious Domains Flagged First Half 2022 DNS Abuse Domain Name

79M new malicious domains were flagged for first half of this year

Approximately 79 million new malicious domains have been flagged by security researchers for 2022’s first half, indicating that about 13 million of these domains were created per month since January. In a NOD (newly observed domain) dataset, researchers only have minutes to determine and measure whether a newly created domain is malicious through fully automated...
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Cryptocurrency Online Scam Malicious Websites 2022 First Half Dark Web Fraudsters Toolkit

Cryptocurrency scam websites amplify for 2022’s first half

Studies reveal that for the first half of 2022, there was an increase of over 300% of scam websites promoting fake cryptocurrency giveaways. Over 2,000 malicious domains used in this campaign were found by security researchers, mostly targeting English and Spanish speakers. Compared to the same period in 2021, the 300% observed uptick in cryptocurrency...
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US Data Broker Kochava Sensitive Data Geolocation Mobile Device Lawsuit Compromised Data

The US sued data broker Kochava for selling sensitive data

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued the Idaho-based location data broker called Kochava after it sold sensitive and accurate geolocation information online. The company gathered the geolocation data offered by the broker from millions of mobile devices. Based on reports, potential Kochava customers could use the information to identify and keep tabs on...
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