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Google Ads Malvertisement DEV-0569 Hacker Gang Phishing Malware Royal Ransomware

Google Ads malvertising campaign observed on DEV-0569 gang

Microsoft recently published an advisory involving the DEV-0569 group utilising Google Ads in a malvertising attack campaign to spread the Royal ransomware. First spotted in September, the ransomware group had targeted numerous victims, including the UK’s motor racing circuit “Silverstone Circuit.” The Google Ads malvertising campaign was discovered in the last week of October when...
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Personal Info Sex Abuse Victims Information Leak Suffolk England Government Police Website Compromised Data Privacy

Data of sex abuse victims leaked on Suffolk Police website

A leak displayed a set of data regarding the information of sex abuse victims on a public police website. Based on reports, the names and addresses of the victims could be the primary information exposed on the Suffolk Police website. A Suffolk Police representative issued a public apology for the alleged breach of privacy. According...
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DTrack Backdoor Malware North Korean Hackers Europe Lazarus Threat Group

DTrack backdoor used by Korean hackers to target European orgs

Latin American and European organisations face a new threat from North Korean hackers who utilise a new version of the DTrack backdoor. This malware is a modular backdoor that features a screenshot snapper, browser history grabber, keylogger, running processes reviewer, an IP address, and a network connection data harvester. The new malware version does not...
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French France Security Aerospace Thales LockBit Ransomware Cyberattack Data Leak

French security firm ‘Thales’ refutes the alleged LockBit attack

The notorious LockBit ransomware gang claims to have hacked into the IT systems of a French aerospace and security firm ‘Thales’ after leaking 9.5GB of stolen archive files to its leak site. However, the firm had recently denied these claims, stating that they had found no evidence that its systems were breached. Before the alleged...
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Continental Automotive LockBit Ransomware Cyberattack Security Breach Germany Europe

Continental automotive firm allegedly struck by a LockBit attack

A Germany-based multinational automotive manufacturing company, Continental, had allegedly been the recent target of the notorious LockBit ransomware group. LockBit said that they had stolen some of the automotive firm’s data and demanded to pay the ransom within the next 22 hours or they would publish it. Employing over 190,000 staff worldwide, Continental boasts its...
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Europe Germany Aurubis Mining Cyberattack System Disruption Cybercrime Ransomware

Europe’s Aurubis mining firm shared it suffered from a cyberattack

A copper mining firm in Germany, Aurubis, recently disclosed suffering from a cyberattack incident that shut down its IT systems to prevent the attack from spreading. Being the second largest copper producer in the world and first in Europe, Aurubis boasts managing over 6,900 staff worldwide and producing about one million tonnes of copper cathodes...
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METRO Wholesale IT Disruption Cyberattack ECommerce Europe Online Store Outage

METRO wholesaler suffered IT disruptions after a cyberattack

Recent reports revealed that the METRO wholesaler experienced several IT outages and store payment issues. This big-time international wholesale entity has disclosed these issues after a cyberattack occurred within its systems. METRO’s IT response team has an ongoing investigation of the incident with third-party security experts’ cooperation. The company initiated the response to know the...
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See Tickets Europe Data Theft Cyberattack Card Skimming Ticketing Phishing Fraud Prevention

See Tickets finally revealed that they suffered a data theft attack

The See Tickets ticketing service provider has admitted that their company has experienced a data breach that started more than a few years ago. The ticketing provider informed its customers that a group of threat actors might have accessed their card details through a series of skimming attacks on its website. Based on a data...
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Italy Italian Fashion Moncler Retail Data Breach Cyberattack Hacked

The Italian Moncler fashion brand suffered a data breach attack

Moncler, an Italian luxury fashion brand, has admitted that they experienced a data breach after the BlackCat ransomware group conducted a December raid last year. This high-end fashion store in Italy has confirmed the attack after the ransomware group posted their stolen data on the underground marketplace. The campaign occurred in the final days of...
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Barcelona Health Center Spain Europe RansomEXX Ransomware Hacker Gang Data Leak Dark Web

The Barcelona Health Center targeted by the RansomEXX gang

Barcelona Health Center has been reported to be the latest victim of the RansomEXX ransomware gang after the group revealed leaking the healthcare firm’s information online. Included in the alleged leak were medical test results and identity cards of patients and healthcare staff. According to the ransomware group, the alleged leaked file was taken from...
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