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Clínic de Barcelona Hospital Healthcare Data Breach Operation Disruption RansomHouse Ransomware Hacker Group

Clínic de Barcelona allegedly breached by RansomHouse group

Earlier this week, Clínic de Barcelona suffered a cybercriminal incident that severely impacted its healthcare services. Reports stated that the RansomHouse ransomware group was the culprit of the attack, which damaged the victim’s virtual devices. This healthcare institution in Barcelona, Spain, serves more than 500,000 individuals in dire need of healthcare services and medical attention....
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Trigona Ransomware Malware Strain Europe Australia US Extortion Data Leak Dark Web

Trigona ransomware returns to hit Europe, Australia, and the US

First identified last October 2022, the new Trigona ransomware targeted organisations in the manufacturing, agriculture, finance, construction, and marketing sectors. These targeted sectors are commonly located in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and the US. However, researchers have recently detected increased activities from the ransomware strain, directing attacks toward the previously known targeted regions. According...
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Vesuvius Cyberattack Incident Advisory Systems Breach Cybercrime Operation Disruption

Vesuvius reports investigating a cyber incident in its systems

A British engineering firm, Vesuvius, reported that a cybersecurity incident had hit its systems, caused by unauthorised access of unknown entities. There currently are no added details shared by the company about the attack’s scope, but they ensured customers and partners that they are currently managing and investigating it. Vesuvius is one of the leading...
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UK Europe JD Sports Fashion Data Leak Customer Data Phishing Fraud Prevention

UK-based JD Sports revealed a data leak that affected customers

The UK-based sports fashion retailer, JD Sports, announced that a group of malicious actors breached their systems and stole ten million worth of data that contains customer details. Based on reports, the firm claimed that the breach came from a system containing customer data related to several online orders between November 2018 and October 2020....
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Chinese Ministry Spoofing QR Code Phishing Fraud Campaign Europe UK

Chinese Ministry spoofed by QR codes phishing campaign

A new phishing campaign that utilises several QR codes has targeted Chinese-speaking individuals and tried to steal their info and credentials. Based on reports, the researchers noticed that the phishing operators used an email that contained an MS Word document. The attached document from the hackers masquerades as an essential archive from the Chinese Ministry...
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KillNet Threat Group Russian Hackers DDoS Germany Airport Government Websites Service Disruption

KillNet threat group deployed DDoS on German airport websites

Russia’s KillNet threat group struck German airports, banks, and administration infrastructure websites with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. According to researchers, numerous websites owned by airports in Germany have suffered cyberattacks executed by an alleged Russian hacking group. Moreover, administration bodies and the country’s financial sector also experienced similar attacks last week. A spokesperson of AFP...
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Danish Smartphone Mobile Users Smishing Fraud Campaign Dansk-game Denmark Europe

Danish smartphone users targeted by a smishing campaign

Earlier this week, Danish smartphone users reported a surge of malicious-looking SMS-type content that originated from a suspicious source. Researchers believe that these messages are related to the Danske Spil campaign. The SMS informed the recipients of its enrollment in a monthly pay-to-win plan through the web. The investigation revealed that the link in the...
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Mobile Forensic Digital Intelligence Data Breach Cellebrite MSAB Israel Sweden

Two mobile forensic firms become victims of a data breach

Two mobile forensic firms, Cellebrite and MSAB, have been recent targets of threat actors, stealing massive amounts of data from them. About 1.7TB of data have been nicked from the Israel-based firm, Cellebrite, and 103GB was stolen from the Swedish company MSAB. Both the stolen data from the two mobile forensic firms were uploaded to...
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Hitachi Energy Critical Vulnerability Security Flaws CISA Threat Advisory

Hitachi Energy products laden with critical security flaws

Organisations and companies using Hitachi Energy products are warned about critical and high-severity vulnerabilities that have recently been discovered. The advisories were published by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to inform the affected firms about potential threats. Three separate advisories were released concerning the identified security flaws, with one associated with Hitachi...
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Raspberry Robin Worm Virus Europe Malware Infostealer Cyber Threat

Upgraded Raspberry Robin targets companies in Europe

The Raspberry Robin worm has developed new features to increase its attack capability and persistence. The malicious entity started its emergence in September 2021, and since then, it has evolved into a significant threat to many organisations. According to researchers, the Raspberry Robin now includes a highly obfuscated malware strain that targets many European countries’...
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