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Fantasy Data Wiper Malware Israel Hong Kong South Africa Supply-Chain Attack Agrius APT

New Fantasy data wiper hits Israel, Hong Kong, and South Africa

Entities in Israel, Hong Kong, and South Africa are currently targeted by an ongoing attack campaign launched by the Iran-based hacktivists Agrius APT. In this supply-chain attack campaign, the threat group is seen using a new data wiper dubbed ‘Fantasy.’ While the coordinated supply-chain campaign commenced in February, researchers have only observed its full-scale strike...
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IKEA Cyberattacks Kuwait Morocco Data Leak Phishing Vice Society Ransomware Business Email Compromise

IKEA cyberattacks in Kuwait and Morocco gets investigated

The franchise stores of IKEA in Kuwait and Morocco, a popular furniture firm, have reported a cyberattack that disrupted its operations and systems. According to the furniture firm’s representative, they are currently investigating the incident with authorities and cybersecurity partners. With about 445 outlets worldwide, IKEA is a Swedish-Dutch furniture store giant boasting approximately €41.9...
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Worok Hackers Threat Group Steganography Hidden Malware PNG Webpage Infostealer Data Exfiltration

Worok hackers adopt steganography to hide malware in PNGs

The Worok hackers used steganography to hide malware inside PNG files to attack targeted machines with infostealer without raising suspicions from security defenders. This new operation was spotted by researchers investigating a compromise that happened a couple of months ago. The researchers warned users that Worok is currently targeting high-profile entities, such as government agencies...
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Cybersecurity OPERA1ER Threat Group Hackers Africa Spear Phishing Malware Vulnerability

Experts detail recent activities of the OPERA1ER threat group

Over 30 successful cyberattacks have been recorded in many organisations across Asia, Latin America, and Africa since 2018 under the campaigns launched by French-speaking hackers named OPERA1ER. Some sectors targeted by the group include financial institutions and telecommunication firms. Researchers said that five banks in several countries in West Africa, including Senegal, Burkina Faso, the...
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Cybersecurity Modular Spyware Backdoor AdvancedIPSpyware Advanced IP Scanner Network Intrusion

Experts warn orgs about a new modular spyware backdoor

A new backdoor software called AdvancedIPSpyware has been infecting over 80 organisations worldwide, aiming to inject spyware into the targeted servers. The operators of this backdoor have imitated a legitimate network scanning tool called Advanced IP Scanner, used by network admins to monitor companies’ networks. Because of Advanced IP Scanner’s wide usage among companies, threat...
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Egypt Leaks Cyberattack Campaign Egypt Banking Finance Dark Web Hacktivist Financial Fraud

Egypt Leaks campaign victimised several Egyptian banks

A California-based cybersecurity research firm spotted a hacktivist group leaking data from different companies, becoming famous as the Egypt Leaks. Based on reports, the hackers leaked numerous compromised payment details owned by the customers of big-time Egyptian banks. Today, the stolen payment data are available on the dark web, but researchers on the Telegram platform...
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Agenda Ransomware Malware Africa Asia Saudi Arabia Education Healthcare Cyberattack Cyber Threat

Agenda ransomware hits the education and healthcare sectors

A newly emerged malicious entity called Agenda ransomware has been seen targeting Africa and Asia’s education and healthcare sectors. The latest analysis revealed that the new ransomware is coded in the Go programming language (Golang) and modified for every attack. The ransomware was called Agenda after the ransom notes and dark web posts published by...
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Stolen Data Teachers Uganda Africa Sold Dark Web Marketplace Hacking Forum TMIS Fraud Prevention

The data of teachers from Uganda gets sold on the dark web

Based on the latest dark web monitoring conducted by our researchers in iZOOlogic, we discovered that a hacker under the username of ‘unvisible’ is advertising and selling the database of teachers from Uganda on a popular hacking forum. These compromised data of the Ugandan teachers came from the TMIS or Teacher Management Information System website...
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Session Manager Backdoor Malware Hacker Microsoft Exchange Server IIS Web Server

New SessionManager backdoor used by hackers to target MS Exchange

Malicious threat actors are utilising a newly uncovered malware called SessionManager, which can backdoor the servers of Microsoft Exchange. The targeted servers belonged to military and government companies based in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. According to the researchers, the SessionManager was first spotted by them in a recent campaign this year. The...
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Hackers Cyberattack Monkeypox Phishing Emails Fraud Prevention Social Engineering Africa

Attackers used the Monkeypox disease as a subject for phishing emails

Several cybercriminal groups are taking advantage of the current Monkeypox outbreaks to deceive concerned victims into providing their data and critical information. Monkeypox has been a hot topic these past few months as it gives similar concerns to the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, several threat actors use this potential threat to make their attacks...
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