Security Policy Enforcement

Enforcement of Business and Security Policies

The iZOOlogic solution will afford the business a mechanism to exercise their legal rights across the jurisdictions to protect their digital and channel engagement. iZOOlabs is a dedicated Security platform to provide real time threat identification and evaluation, in-depth forensic analysis, and allows for an immediate response – attack mitigation and attack shut down. Incident Response is via an Administrative process and employs leveraged relationships with webhosts, domain registrars, global CERT teams, ISPs, law enforcement agencies and other Security Vendors. Make sure to get in touch with our team for a security consultation.

Policy Framework Consultation

The services have the capacity to deal with a large range of cybercrime and online abuse with varying degrees of severity. iZOOlogic works to formulate, implement and maintain the security policies of the business to ensure objectives are met in a unified manner.

Legal Framework of Enforcement

iZOOlogic works within ICANN policies and frameworks to enforce the security policies of the business.

iZOOlogic has a range of relationships, knowledge and working experience working with ICANN policies and frameworks as well as a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Trademark and Copyright laws across the globe, andwill act as effective agent and advocate on behalf of the business.

iZOOlogic provides a robust team to liaise and negotiate with third parties where digital content, Trademark, Copyright or Intellectual Property is under legal dispute. Where required, iZOOlogic Security Analysts have the capacity to often negotiate a successful outcome to resolve a case in the clients’s favour without the need to rely on a legal pursuit which are often time and resource intensive.

Enforcement and Controls

iZOOlogic solutions will provide the business control, management and enforcement of their security policies to achieve not just regulatory compliance and industry best practice, but also to executive the business objectives. The suite of services will secure the transaction with users and third parties as well as protect the digital brand and assets of the business, to prevent loss of revenue and direct fraud losses but also to mitigate reputational risks.