Web App Vulnerability Monitoring

Web App Vulnerabilities

Many business-critical applications are accessible over the internet and public networks. Cybercriminals have the distinct opportunity of reviewing, testing and gaining a deep insight into the public application providing an advantage to exploit the application to launch nefarious activities. Having a website vulnerability scanner and conducting monitoring minimises many of these risks.

Web App Vulnerability Monitoring

iZOOlogic application scanning will identify a broad range of vulnerabilities to produce actionable findings allowing prompt remediation. Vulnerability detections range from critical vulnerabilities such as code exploits, OWASP listed and vendor vulnerabilities, as well as abnormal code behaviours. Identification of vulnerabilities will assist in the protection against zero-day attacks, SQL Injection and XSS and web defacements. Built-in Vulnerability Management illustrates and highlights specific lines of code that are vulnerable for exploit.

Application Protection

Vulnerability Assessment is a pre-emptive strategy to harden the business surface against future attacks that leverage public facing applications. Vulnerability monitoring in addition to iZOOlogic Web App Threat Protection provides a robust layer of public application defense.