Mobile App Monitoring

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Mobile Channel Threats

Rogue, Unofficial, Unauthorised, Malicious Mobile Apps provide an alternative avenue for malware and phishing based attacks. Phishing is shifting to target the mobile user through spoofed mobile sites and Apps. Mobile malware is a growing area leading to fraud and abuse. Rogue Mobile Apps are a main vector in the delivery of malicious payloads. The Mobile Channel strategy needs to provide controls to manage and secure the Mobile App deployment.

Mobile Apps Suite

iZOOlogic provides real time monitoring to ensure that only the legitimate and authorised Mobile App is available for download and the User has the correct and authorised Mobile App installed. iZOOlogic has developed propriety set of services to penetrate deep into the App store ecosystem. Mobile App Suite also monitors other parts of the internet such as download sites, social media, torrent networks to detect Apps infringing the business. The iZOOlabs platform provides a sophisticated bed for App analysis,, threat analysis and categorization and provides the mechanism for App removal for Global Security Incident Response channel.

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Mobile Apps Protection

iZOOlogic Mobile Apps Suite will provide the business full visibility, control and management of their Mobile App strategy. The business will be able to fully enforce their mobile and security policies to secure the mobile app deployment. iZOOlogic solution will protect the organization end users from mobile malware and ensure that only the latest and official organization mobile app is available for download.

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