Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Threats

The polity and character of cybercrime has shifted to the obvious location of the deep and dark web. The dark web affords criminal networks a distinct advantage of an anonymity and an unfettered platform to openly trade, exchange, and scheme. The architecture of the dark web means that traditional monitoring and surveillance techniques are often impotent in discovering compromised data and resources. Dark Web Monitoring builds on these same techniques. Cybercriminal operations in the deep and dark web space are mature, robust and extremely covert, in contrast to surveillance which is mostly reactive.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring of the dark web is essential to combat the demands of emerging cybercrime and to bolster the layers of defense and fraud mitigation. iZOOlogic Dark Web Monitoring Services uses a suite of propriety services and techniques to monitor an evolving set of dark and deep web channels. iZOOlogic Dark Web Monitoring seamlessly integrates into the Data Loss Recovery and Incident Response channel to provide a comprehensive identification of compromised assets and fraud mitigations.

Data Loss Recovery

iZOOlogic assists clients in providing an immediate remediation through site surveillance and data loss recovery efforts. iZOOlogic provides the recovery of compromised data and assets, allowing mitigation before a fraud event occurs.