DNS Intelligence

DNS Infrastructure

DNS Monitoring & Intelligence is more essential than ever, as infrastructure has always been vulnerable to attack from the earliest days of the internet, and threats remain persistent. Over time, global DNS infrastructure has been well hardened against attacks at the root level, but we still see localise threats against at the local level, plus attacks on nameservers, routers, and malware that deliberately compromises registry files, all routing web traffic to nefarious third parties.

DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring is an essential component to brand protection and phishing prevention. iZOOlogic monitors client DNS and specific servers & IPs to identify compromised routers and name servers. Pharming attacks, DNS poisoning, and DNS hijacking are all related attacks against the domain name request infrastructure. iZOOlogic has a suite of tools to ensure that when an end user on the internet requests the client domain there is no opportunity for that legitimate web traffic to be directed to a malicious third party.

DNS Integrity

DNS Assurance provides the mechanism to ensure the uptime and availability of the client name servers and DNS function. It is also critical to ensure that along with availability, the DNS is secured against the malicious exploits of hacking, phishing and malware vectors.