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Cold River Phishing Campaign US Nuclear Scientists Executive Protection

Cold River phishing campaign targets US nuclear scientists

The Russian-based cybercriminal group Cold River is conducting a phishing campaign targeting United States-based individuals. According to researchers, the group has been increasing its cybercriminal activities against critical infrastructures in Eastern European nations and the United States. Currently, the group targets about four nuclear research laboratories in the United States.   The Cold River group...
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Journalists High Risk Orgs Target APT Hacker Groups

Journalists and high-risk orgs remain to be a target of APT groups

Cyberespionage actors have been one of the prime focuses of security experts since they are known for targeting high-risk people, such as journalists and media companies. These APT (advanced persistent threat) groups mostly come from China, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea and are known for attacking to harvest highly confidential state information and perform surveillance....
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Netgain Ransomware Healthcare Medical Sector 2020 Cyberattack

Netgain ransomware still strikes the healthcare sector since 2020

The Associated Eye Care Partners (AEC) in Montana has started releasing notices that threat actors might have impacted patients’ personal information during an old ransomware attack that targets Netgain. November, a couple of years ago, an IT services provider for several industries fell victim to a ransomware campaign that affected several organisations, especially in the...
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Phishing Operator California Online Scam US DoD Fraud Prevention DNS Intelligence

A phishing operator from California scammed the US DoD with $23.5M

A California resident phishing operator named Sercan Oyuntur has been indicted by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) for its malicious campaigns causing the US Department of Defense (DoD) to lose over $23.5 million in damages. The money swindled from the US DoD was meant for funding a jet fuel supplier. However, the phishing operator...
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AridViper APT Israeli Officials Cyberattack Campaign Operation Bearded Barbie Social Engineering

AridViper APT observed targeting Israeli officials in a new campaign

A new cyberespionage campaign carried out by the APT-C-23, also known as the AridViper APT group, has been observed by security experts, wherein high-ranking Israeli officials are being targeted. The advanced persistent threat (APT) group is a politically driven attack operator based in the Middle East and also goes by Desert Falcon and Two-tailed Scorpion....
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Threat Actors Short-Lived Malware Industrial Companies Industry Data Exfiltration Spear-Phishing Phishing Attack

Threat actors used short-lived malware to target industrial companies

Researchers revealed that malicious threat actors abuse short-lived malware to terrorize numerous industrial companies worldwide. The malware seeks corporate credentials and data to steal and sell it to other malicious entities for money. The researchers analysed the short-lived malware samples discovered in the first half of last year. About 21.2% of these malware samples were...
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DazzleSpy Cyberattack Campaign Hong Kong Politicians Pro Democracy Spyware Surveillance

DazzleSpy conducts an attack campaign against Hong Kong politicians

A cyberespionage campaign called DazzleSpy has recently been identified infecting macOS by exploiting a Safari browser’s flaw through a watering hole attack. Based on reports, the threat actors conducted the campaign to target Hong Kong-based politicians and are equipped with over-the-top technical capabilities. The threat actors targeted a legitimate website of a pro-democracy internet radio...
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vendor supply chain knowledge gap third-party risk assessment

Third-party cyber risk, The vendor supply chain knowledge gap

The recent SolarWinds cyberattack exposed a third-party supply chain weakness using exploitable vulnerabilities on other widely distributed and implemented software and system offerings available in the market. Still, many enterprises have little insight into the set of suppliers currently being used in their infrastructure systems. Based on a survey conducted by BlueVoyant, out of 1,500...
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Zerologon Vulnerability APT10 hackers hacking group

APT10 targeting businesses on a global scale using Zerologon Vulnerability

A widespread and highly persistent cyber-attack has been discovered by security researchers. The series of assaults conducted by APT10 hacking group were found to have been leveraging the Zerologon vulnerability of Windows, targeting mostly Japanese firms but has connections to attacks happening in more than 17 territories around the world. No particular industry was targeted,...
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operation falcon BEC phishing threat actors antiphishing spear-phishing fraud prevention Nigeria

Operation Falcon: BEC Phishing Threat Actors Detained!

Three Nigerian nationals that are ostensibly pointed out as the Threat actors behind a malware distribution for phishing and other scams worldwide lead the joint force of INTERPOL, Nigeria Police Force cybercrime investigation, and Group-IB for their Operation Falcon in Lagos, Nigeria. There were reportedly 50,000 victims that were identified in an enormous Global Scam...
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