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Text Scams SMS IRS Impersonation Fraud Prevention SMiShing Phishing US Threat Advisory

Text scams imitating the IRS have rapidly grown since 2020

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notified the public in their recent post last September 28 about the rising cases of text scams that leverage their name to swindle data and financial information from victims. The agency found thousands of fraudulent domains tied to text scams (smishing) against taxpayers. According to an IRS representative’s statement, the...
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SMiShing Incident Twilio Data Breach Social Engineering Fraud Prevention Impersonation

A SMiShing incident caused Twilio to be hit by data breach

A California-based communications firm, Twilio, had recently been attacked by hackers that breached their internal systems and stole customers’ sensitive data. Based on the investigation, a targeted staff of the firm were victimised by a SMiShing (SMS phishing) attack that lost their employee credentials to the hackers, allowing the breach to occur. Boasting over 5,000...
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Global Phishing Attacks Records Phishing-as-a-Service Cyber Threat SMiShing

The global phishing attacks last year have broken previous records

Phishing attacks from last year have broken previous records from the past years. Experts claimed that the emergence of phishing-as-a-service methods and new attack vectors caused this massive upsurge of the attacks. Some researchers also think that the low barrier of entry contributed to the widespread of similar attacks. Threat actors take advantage of current...
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Ransomware Notes SMShing Fraud Prevention REvil DDoS

A barrage of ransomware notes is distributed to target companies

Threat actors have been sending their targets a barrage of ransomware notes to extort and manipulate the stock prices of several companies. These ransomware notes were distributed through a chain of text messages sent to every target firm and organisation’s superiors. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) ransomware threat actor targets a client of a cybersecurity firm...
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Ecommerce firm Next Level Apparel email phishing

E-commerce firm, Next Level Apparel suffered email phishing that affects some employees

An American e-commerce firm and leading designer and manufacturer of clothing items, Next Level Apparel, has recently experienced a data breach issue that affected its employees’ email accounts. As reported by the firm’s issued press release, a small number of employee email accounts have been compromised to an email phishing incident. The attack has given threat actors unauthorized access to sensitive company information.  The exposed...
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Evidence suspicious emails phishing attack threats vishing SMiShing

Evidence proves that one out of three flagged suspicious emails were actual phishing attack threats

Recent reports reveal that about a third of emails that employees have been reporting to be malicious are indeed threats of phishing attacks. From the analysis of IT security companies, it was found that at least 33% of more than 200,000 flagged emails by employees from different firms worldwide for the first half of 2021...
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cybercrime work from home remote work fraud prevention vulnerability exploit

Remote work leveraged for cybercrime by adversaries in targeted attacks

Cybercrime (CC) has never been projected as high as last fiscal year compared to the previous years. Historical data confirms the enormous leap of numbers on reported cases in various types of attack known by the cybersecurity experts. Incidents of repurposed tactics, newer and more lethal approach of adversaries were recorded complimenting the uprising cases...
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phone scams communications frauds money loss fraud prevention vishing SMSing

Phone scams stolen money from almost 40 percent of consumers in 2020

Almost 40% of telecommunication consumers have lost money to phone scams and frauds during the previous year based on a recent research report conducted by a Hiya, a telecommunication platform. It is now more than ever that consumers and organizations rely on using voice calls to process transactions with voice network traffic rising 184% in...
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financial services finance industry sector covid19 cyberattacks fraud prevention

Financial Services suffer cyber-attacks related to Covid19

Cybercrime has significantly increased every year, which is directly proportional to the growth of technology. Factors attributed to this increase could be summed up due to the perpetrators’ persistent behaviour through new tactics like using Covid19 as theme and sophisticated applications. Cybercriminals are being backed up by governments and the victim’s open vulnerability. Different sectors...
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sim swap attack smshing cryptocurrency

USD$2.5M worth of stolen CryptoCurrency from the latest SIM Swap Attacks

A man aged 20 from Dublin, was arrested and brought before the High Court on Thursday on foot of an extradition warrant. During a brief appearance, he indicated he understood the charges. He was remanded in custody until May 22. The US Attorney General for the Eastern State of Michigan said that their investigation had...
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